‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 6: Rumple And Belle’s Future – ‘Rumbelle’ Adventure Teased [Spoilers]

Once Upon A Time Season 6 will air this fall on ABC. What can fans expect from the characters? OUAT spoilers give hints regarding Rumple and Belle’s future. Also, the executive producers teased a “Rumbelle” adventure. Keep reading to find out more about this Storybrooke couple.

Warning: Once Upon A Time Season 6 spoilers are ahead.

Once Upon A Time ended with some cliffhangers last season. One of those included the couple known as “Rumbelle.” Belle (Emilie de Ravin) was put in a deep sleep, and Rumple (Robert Carlyle) tried his best to wake her. He even came up with a plan to steal all of the magic, but that failed.

Now, Once Upon A Time fans are wondering if Belle’s baby is in danger and if she will take Rumple back. Some of those questions are unanswered. However, OUAT co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis gave fans some teasers regarding Rumple and Belle.


“Belle is with Rumple,” Edward Kitsis told TV Line. “She’s in Pandora’s Box, in the sleeping curse.”

As for Pandora’s Box, the Once Upon A Time Season 6 premiere, titled “The Savior,” will show that Rumple did get the box back. As fans recall, a deal was made between Rumple and Mr. Hyde (Sam Witwer). But what about the information Hyde was supposed to give, which would wake Belle up from her deep sleep? That is going to be a mystery that fans will see when the show returns later this year.

“What we really focus on at the start is,” Adam Horowitz added, “How the heck does he get her out of the box and wake her?”

Just before the Season 5 finale of Once Upon A Time, it was teased that Belle will wake up eventually. TV Line teased that “Rumbelle” would go on an adventure together, whether Belle is in or out of the box. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kitsis also hinted that Rumple and Belle’s baby will be “dealt with next season.”


Now that it is known that Rumple does get Pandora’s Box back, will Hyde deliver what he promised? He will deliver something, but there is probably a catch. Will Belle really wake up or will there be consequences? As Latin Times noted, Hyde came to Storybrooke with his pals threatening the fairy tale town.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, other Once Upon A Time Season 6 spoilers include seemingly abandoned storylines being picked up again. Lily (Agnes Bruckner) and Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten) will return. There will also be new characters from the Land of Untold Stories. Three of those characters are Sinbad, Scheherazade, and Morpheus.

Also, Lana Parrilla will be playing dual roles in OUAT. The actress has always portrayed both Regina and The Evil Queen. This time, they are actually two different people, and The Evil Queen is not happy with Regina.

There are rumors that Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) may have a fairy tale wedding in Once Upon A Time. This has not been confirmed, but the show creators are being coy when asked. What fans did see was a wedding dress in the background at the end of Season 5. Was this a clue, or are OUAT viewers making too much of it? Only time will tell, but hopefully, the two characters can be happy.

What do you think will happen with “Rumbelle” in Once Upon A Time? How will Belle wake up and will there be consequences to what Hyde delivers? What does the future hold for Rumple and Belle? What kind of adventure will the two characters go on? What can be expected from the rest of the characters in Storybrooke?

OUAT fans will find out soon. It was just reported a few days ago that Once Upon A Time Season 6 will premiere September 25 on ABC.

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