‘Big Brother’ 18 Spoilers: Paul Has Injury Concerns, Victor Pitches a New Alliance, Corey Becomes a Spy, Bronte Just Wants to Get Paid, James and Natalie Flirt [Spoilers]

After a live eviction that had part of the Big Brother 18 cast reeling, Paul was concerned about a possible injury he sustained, Victor was willing to begin a new alliance to save his bacon, Corey tried to eavesdrop on conversations by acting as a spy, Bronte wants to be a jury member, and James and Natalie flirt incessantly.

After Jozea was sent packing on Thursday night’s Big Brother episode, his alliance members, mainly consisting of Paul, Victor, Natalie, and Bronte, were somewhat in shock, as they believed that there was a strong possibility Jozea’s fellow nominee Paulie could go home.

Following the Head of Household (HOH) competition won by Paulie, the houseguests entered the residence and somehow Paul ended up smacking his head quite hard on the bed frame, according to Joker’s Updates. The report also notes that, after the incident, live feeds showed Paul holding his head and laying on the bed.


Apparently, Victor didn’t think Paul’s accident was very serious, as Joker’s Updates notes he was “dying of laughter.”

Nonetheless, Paul was quite concerned about his head, saying he had a lump on it, noting he was starting to feel as though he had a concussion, according to Joker’s Updates. Paulie and Victor seemed to fuel Paul’s anxiousness about his head, telling him to put ice on the bump.


Paul asked Nicole, an emergency room nurse, to take a look at his head and to assess the situation, Joker’s Updates reports. Nicole told Paul his head was fine and not to worry. However, this was not good enough for Paul, so he ultimately decided to consult Bridgette, a traveling nurse.

Subsequently, Nicole became worried that Paul was stressing out way too much about possibly having a concussion, and what made matters worse, Joker’s Updates reports the “guys” were “giving Paul fake concussion advice.”


As Paul’s paranoia about head trauma continued, Victor decided, along with Paul, to pitch a Big Brother 18 alliance idea to Paulie. Joker’s Updates reports that Victor said to the new HOH, “If you want, we could do something like the Brigade.”

The Brigade was an all male alliance formed during Big Brother 12 and included Enzo Palumbo, Matt Hoffman, Lane Elenburg, and Hayden Moss, who eventually went on to win the season. According to The Top Tens, the Brigade was the second best alliance in Big Brother history, with Chill Town, helmed by masterful player Dr. Will Kirby and renowned houseguest Mike “Boogie” Malin, coming in at number one.

Overall, the Big Brother 18 week 2 HOH, Paulie, seemed to simply be taking everything in to evaluate what his next move may be and who he will eventually nominate for eviction.


As this was taking place, Corey, sent by Zakiyah, began to spy on the conversation involving Paulie, Victor, and Paul. Unfortunately, Corey was not privy to information that was very valuable and after playing with a ball from the latest competition, eventually left the room. Joker’s Updates writes that after Corey exited, the discussion turned to Corey being someone who just jumps on a “bandwagon.”


Bronte also made a move to save herself, approaching Paulie and telling him she is a “really strong competitor” and if he promised not to nominate her for eviction, she would show Paulie the same courtesy when she gets power. Joker’s Updates reports that another of Bronte’s pleas to Paulie involved her stressing that a check is of the utmost importance and, “We just want to make it to jury to just keep getting paid.” She may have been pressing the issue because on Wednesday night’s live feeds, Jozea was seen telling Paul and Bronte that while in jury they get paid double what they were given in the Big Brother 18 house, which may or may not be the case.


Joker’s Updates reports that eventually, Bronte spoke to Natalie saying Paulie should target James, however, Natalie responded with, “James will keep us safe.” This may be because Natalie and James seem to be engaging in a little “flirtmance.” At one point on Thursday night, James was seen on live feeds telling Natalie, “You’re too cute,” and Natalie came back with “You’re too sweet,” as the two lay on the Big Brother living room couches together.

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