Sarah Jessica Parker On The Inspiration Behind Her Latest Shoe Collection

Sarah Jessica Parker, who once starred in the hit HBO TV show Sex and the City, will be returning to the network with a new show and a new role. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Sarah Jessica Parker landed a role in Divorce, which will air on HBO.

The show begins with Parker’s character wanting out of her marriage to Thomas Haden Church’s character, who plays more of a Mr. Wrong than a Mr. Big. Church is known for playing characters that border the line between slightly off to straight-up bad.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s new show is created by Sharon Horgan, the Irish writer and the star of Anglo/American black comedy of unforgettable relationships Catastrophe. The show finds the former Sex and the City star and her character negotiating what seems to be a likely end to a marriage, only to find out that things are a little harder than what she thought they would be. Fans can watch a preview of the show, which is due in the American autumn, in the newly-released trailer.

Sarah Jessica Parker spoke on the show and revealed that she is also the executive producer.

“I’ll be starring in an HBO show called Divorce, and executive producing it. [It’s] a landscape I was interested in. I play a woman who has been married for about 17 years. It’s sort of a portrait of a marriage today and their attempt at divorce.”

Apart from having a new show on the way, Sarah Jessica Parker has been very busy with her shoe line, the SJP Collection. Having played a stiletto-obsessed columnist through her character of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City makes the shoe line a passion close to her heart. According to the Miami Herald, Sarah Jessica Parker will be making a Bloomingdale’s Aventura store appearance during which customers who make a purchase from the SJP Collection will have the opportunity to meet the TV star in the flesh and have their purchase signed by her.

Sarah Jessica Parker spoke on her inspiration for the most recent collection, calling it an “intentional classic silhouette.” She went on to say that her style and the way she designs the shoes in her collection haven’t changed since she started her brand and that she is greatly influenced by the iconic designers of the 1970s including Maud Frizon and Charles Jourdan.

“We’re not afraid of femininity. And by feminine we mean things that are slightly more subversive or naughty or strong.”

Owning and designing a shoe line and acting are two completely different business pursuits, but Sarah Jessica Parker has grown to love both sides of her life, and she says it’s because there is common ground between the different sides of her business life. She has also said that both are learning experiences for her.

Sarah Jessica Parker spoke on how designing compares to acting, saying that she considers her designer shoe line to be a work in progress and that she is focused on growing her business.

Although she says that she words “really, really hard” on her business, she also admits that she has loved every minute of it.

“I typically don’t do anything I don’t enjoy, and I’ve loved this experience. I’ve learned a lot.”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s business partner is George Malkemus, the CEO of Manolo Blahnik, and the former Sex and the City star says that she has known Malkemus since the mid-1980s, long before Sex and the City took up the majority of her time and energy.

“[I] admire him personally and professionally. Anytime I’m nervous about what I’m doing, I kind of take my cue from him. I feel really lucky. It’s been an education and a privilege.”

Above everything, though, Sarah Jessica Parker is still a mother and wife first. She and her husband Matthew Broderick have had a long and stable marriage, and according to People, the couple recently celebrated their twin daughters’, Loretta and Tabitha, seventh birthday.

Sarah Jessica Parker posted a photo of their youngest children on Instagram along with a sweet birthday message.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images]