Illegal Macaque Monkey Living In A Small Dog Kennel And Eating Frosted Flakes Attacks Caretaker

Paso Robles, CA – A java macaque monkey existing on a diet which included juice and Frosted Flakes has been quarantined after biting a caregiver multiple times on the arm, fingers, and hand. The primate was being kept illegally when it inflicted bites severe enough to send the female caretaker to the hospital, according to KTLA.

The macaque monkey will be quarantined at Zoo to You for 60 days. The California facility is run by a conservation group which works with rescued animals. The furry creature is still adjusting to her new surroundings but has reportedly not shown any aggressive behavior and has engaged in some social activities.

San Luis Obispo County Animal Services Manager Eric Anderson had this to say about the illegal exotic pet:

“This kind of animal is never meant to be kept domestically. It is illegal. We strongly discourage the keeping of any such animal. It lived on a diet including Frosted Flakes and juice and that is entirely the wrong kind of diet.”

The California Department of Fish and Game is investigating the primate attack and has the authority to press charges against the owner for possessing a restricted species. The macaque species of monkey is capable of doing severe damage and delivering a dog-style bite, according to Anderson’s statements to KTLA.

Jennaeve, the 22-year-old primate, was kept in a small dog kennel and is obese due to an inappropriate diet, the San Luis Obispo Tribune reports. Jennaeve had tumors on her shoulder, rump, and neck tested by a local vet on Friday. The injured female caretaker has not been identified, but the suspected purchaser of the exotic animal was the victim’s boyfriend. Wildlife officials who spoke with the San Luis Obispo Tribune note the recent attack was not the first bite incident with the java macaque.