Kit Harington To Play Villain In 'Call Of Duty' Video Game, Heartbroken By Brexit

Kit Harington, the Game of Thrones star, will be appearing in Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare; a classic war story centered around the naval warfare of two captains who are dueling with each other in the far reaches of the space.

Kit Harington gained wide popularity by portraying Jon Snow, one of the main protagonists and arguably one of the most popular characters in HBO's Game of Thrones. However, the actor is now ready to take on the hero in the thrilling video game.

Taylor Kurosaki, the narrative director of the video game company, revealed that Kit Harington will be playing the role of Admiral Salem Kotch, the arch villain of the game and the leader of the Settlement Defense Fronts. According to Design & Trend, enthusiastic players of the game will find that Salem Kotch is a skilled sailor with tremendous experience who holds a grudge against the player's way of life.

Even experienced players will find the game challenging as Kit Harington's Kotch is a deadly opponent who controls a large fleet by cruising on Olympus Mons, his massive and dangerous ship. Recent images of the actor from the video game depict him to be infinitely more frightening than his Game of Thrones character. According to The Verge, Kit Harington's look has been transformed beautifully from the fields of Winterfell to the vague and chilling darkness of the space.

Call of Duty players are sure to be impressed when Kit's villainous character pursues them right up to a dramatic confrontation. Recently, the Infinity Ward team traveled to London to film Kit Harington, who is busy with the West End play Doctor Faustus, a tragic play by Christopher Marlowe. Director Guy Ritchie will be assisting the production team during Kit Harington's filming. The Sherlock Holmes director will be contributing towards bringing Kit's villainous character to life.Kit Harington was in the news recently for accidently punching Iwan Rheon, his Game of Thrones co-star. The incident took place during the filming of the "Battle of the Bastards" episode when Kit's character flings Iwan's character to the ground and begins throwing punches. According to Just Jarred, an upset Kit spoke about how he had to compensate Iwan after the shoot.
"I actually did punch Iwan in the face twice by accident which he took really well. He was really nice about it. I had to buy him a pint after that one."
The accidental punch-up is not the only reason that the Game of Thrones star has been feeling upset lately. Another recent event that has upset Kit Harington is the recent Brexit vote, the controversial decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Like many of his fans and U.K. citizens, Kit is devastated about the departure of the U.K. from the EU, which he considers to be a big mistake. According to Bustle, Kit Harington is worried about the possibility that Brexit will have an adverse impact on the U.K. television and film industry.Most of the television and film projects in the U.K. rely on European funding. And even though HBO has confirmed that the Brexit decision will not affect future production of Game of Thrones, British television personalities like Kit Harington are still concerned because Britain's exit from the European Union can potentially affect the European funding which goes into producing a vast majority of television projects.

Additionally, the move will not only hurt the production partnerships that exist between the U.K. and European nations, but it could also potentially affect the distribution of films and programs across Europe. Kit Harington's emotional and angry reaction to the unexpected Brexit decision is echoed by a multitude of young English people who are feeling betrayed by the older generation.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC]