David Foster’s Kids Say You Aren’t On Reality TV If You Are Dying, Slamming Yolanda

David and Yolanda Foster have split, and the couple has been pretty quiet about the actual details. Now David’s daughters are speaking out against Yolanda, and it sounds like they are not big fans of her. Radar Online shared the details about what David’s daughters had to say about their ex-stepmom, who used to star on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sara Foster was on SiriusXM’s Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy where she said, “We don’t comment to our friends on Yolanda’s health. That’s not for us to comment on. Only she knows her journey, but I will say is if you’re capable of continuing to be on a reality show, you’re not dying.”

That was a pretty harsh comment that you could imagine Yolanda was not happy to hear.


Yolanda Foster did admit that part of the reason that her marriage fell apart was because of her struggle with Lyme disease. It made it hard on David being married to someone where he was their caretaker when this is not what he signed up for by getting married to Yolanda.

Erin Foster, another one of David’s daughters, also spoke out about Yolanda during the interview. She had a bit more to say and spoke out about her thoughts on Yolanda.

“Again, we are not doctors. We have no idea what goes on, and we don’t wish anyone ill will of any kind. However, I think that from everyone’s experience, if anyone’s ever known someone who is very sick, who has cancer, who is dying, who’s in the last year of their life, the only thing that person gives a sh*t about is getting through the day and being treated normally.”

Sara may not have had a lot to say, but Erin Foster didn’t hold much back when it came to talking about her Dad, David Foster’s ex. She actually went on to say, “No one wants everyone to know how sick they are and everyone to see how much they’re struggling, and when that seems to be the focus, making everyone see how sick you are, that’s just confusing to someone who’s trying to be supportive.”


People shared not long ago that Yolanda Foster actually made the choice to leave The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Foster didn’t want to be on the show anymore and decided to move on. She shared a message all about how she was going to leave and that it wasn’t exactly the way she wanted, but she was done. Here is what Yolanda Foster shared.

“I would have loved a more graceful exit than ‘Season 6’ but sometimes we don’t get to control the endings of the chapters in our life. I am leaving what’s over without denying its past importance in my life. I believe that every exit is an new entry and with that in mind I say goodbye to my @Bravotv Family as I continue to focus on a my recovery, my children and bring back the privacy within our home. Thank you to all the fans for your love and unwavering support these past 4 years. I am grateful for the housewife experience and all it has thought me. I’m excited about this choice and look forward to the next chapter of my life.”

Ever since her split from David Foster, Yolanda has actually been going by the name Yolanda Hadid instead of Foster. This is her ex-husband’s name, but also happens to be the name of her children, so it obvious that is the reason she decided to use Hadid instead of Foster.

Are you shocked to hear what David Foster’s daughters had to say about Yolanda? Do you think that it would have been better if they had kept their thoughts quiet? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo. At this time, Yolanda Foster is not on the show full-time, but she could be back from time to time.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for VH1]