Marry His Computer? Utah Man, Chris Sevier, Suing For The Right Because Gay Marriage Is Legal [Video]

A Utah man is looking to marry his computer, legally and legitimately. Chris Sevier says it’s not a joke, and he went into the Utah County Clerk’s office to request a marriage license some time ago. Unfortunately for the Utah man, marriage between a man and his electronic device is not recognized or legally sanctioned in Utah or any of the 50 states. So what did he decide to do? According to Fox 13 Now, the Utah man wants to marry his computer so badly, he filed a lawsuit to be allowed to do so.

“This is not a game, OK, this is not some kind of funny scenario.”

Despite the fact that the Utah man doesn’t seem to think that it’s in any way humorous that he wants to marry his computer, many people find his chosen “spouse” to be a little bit funny. Others find it off-putting. Still others think it’s a cruel jab at the same-sex marriage rights the LGBT citizens in America fought so long and so hard to secure.


Utah County Clerk Bryan Thompson was the state employee who officially denied the Utah man a legal marriage license to marry his computer. According to Thompson, he gets strange requests all the time, and not much surprises him in his job anymore. His refusal to issue a marriage license to Sevier, however, resulted him being named in the lawsuit filed by the Utah man last week in district court.

“In this day and age nothing surprises me anymore. I’ve been in this office long enough, I’ve seen lots of different things, but I just said, ‘No, I legally cannot do that.'”

Also listed in the lawsuit are Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes and Utah Governor Gary Herbert, who is campaigning for re-election this year.


According to the Utah man, it should be legal for him to marry his computer. Why? Because it is now legal for same-sex couples to marry one another. The Utah man’s reasoning? If LGBT people can marry among one another, “all other forms of marriage should be legal, too.”

The Utah man says that last June’s U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage across the United States was akin to legislating religious beliefs, because their is no “scientific proof” that homosexuality is genetic. What the genetics of homosexuality have to do with the civil right of adult, human, U.S. citizens to legally marry, the Utah man didn’t clarify.

“There is no real proof that there is a gay gene. There is no real proof that people are born gay.”


When asked by a local TV reporter whether he was sexually attracted to his computer, the Utah man skirted the issue a little bit. He told the reporter that a bond can be created between a person and “anything” they have sex with. He went on to say that sexual attraction (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with his lawsuit or its legal repercussions.

“Whatever a person has sex with they can bond with. This is getting into nasty facts stuff, and the truth is that’s engaging in private intimacy matters, and that’s completely irrelevant for the purposes of federal court, and it’s completely irrelevant for the legal matters at hand.”

The Utah man who wants to marry his computer told the media that the pinnacle of marriage is “man-woman marriage.”

“I stipulate there is no marriage like man-woman marriage.”

He also added that he would be fully willing to drop his lawsuit seeking legal recognition of a marriage between himself and his computer under one condition. The Utah man wants the Supreme Court to “nullify” June of 2015’s historic DOMA ruling and redefine marriage in the U.S. to only legally occur between one man and one woman.

What do you think? Is this nothing more than a gay-bashing publicity stunt? Will this lawsuit impact the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling? Will this Utah man win his bid to be able to legally marry his computer?

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