‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Jozea Evicted, New HOH Crowned, Paul Vows To Get Revenge, And Julie Teases A Game Twist [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers predicted that Jozea Flores would be evicted in week two, and that is exactly what happened on tonight’s episode. Jozea was surprised by the vote and seemed upset as he grabbed his bag and headed out of the house to have a chit-chat with Julie Chen. A new Head of Household was crowned, which will lead to a shift in power in the Big Brother house. Paul vows to get revenge for his friend, Jozea’s eviction and doesn’t understand how they could vote him out. Julie ended the episode with details of a new twist–one that could shake up the whole game.

Big Brother Network reported on Thursday that Jozea was evicted from the house with a 7-4 vote. Bridgette received no votes, and Paulie got four. When Julie read the votes, Jozea put his head down and was in shock as he grabbed his bag and headed to the studio. He couldn’t believe his Big Brother adventure was over after only two weeks.

Paul immediately began plotting his revenge plans. He isn’t sure what happened and why the Big Brother house decided to vote out Jozea, but he will find out. He promises to seek revenge in Jozea name and make those seven players who voted against him, pay for it.

Julie Chen reported that Jozea’s game may not be over just yet. Apparently, according to CBS Access, the first five players evicted will get the chance to win a spot to re-enter the game. Chen explained that Glenn would battle Jozea, and the player who wins will battle the next evicted houseguest. The last player standing will earn the right to enter the game after five weeks. CBS will air a special episode of Big Brother on July 22, airing all four “Battle Block” competitions. It looks like the fans will not see the “Battle Block” challenges until the special episode.

Big Brother 18 fans immediately reacted on social media about the “Battle Block” twist. Many viewers voiced their concerns about Jozea having the chance to return to the game, and win the $500K grand prize. Of course, it isn’t a guarantee that he will come back because he must win the right by beating four other players.

Big Brother 18 show left the fans watching the Head of Household challenge for the new week. Nicole, as outgoing HOH, was not able to compete in the competition. After a long challenge, Paulie pulled off a win and was crowned the new HOH. Nicole handed Paulie the key to the Head of Household room and congratulated him on the fabulous win.

It didn’t take Paulie long to start planning his next move; he leaked information that provided clues about who he’d target for the week. Big Brother 18 spoilers reported that James decided to throw the HOH competition to ensure that Paulie (or another 8-pack alliance member) can nominate Victor for eviction. Right now, it looks like Bronte and Victor will go on the block, but things change daily in the Big Brother house so that it could change slightly before the nomination ceremony tomorrow.

Paulie revealed he plans on nominating and targeting the four people who cast a vote to evict him during the live show. Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that he hasn’t mentioned whether he plans on nominating Paul for eviction–his primary target seems to be Victor, with Bronte a close second.

Big Brother fans, are you surprised that Jozea was voted out of the house tonight? Who do you think Paulie will nominate for eviction? Will Paul seek revenge in Jozea’s name? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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