Bret Hart Sounds Off On Triple H And Stephanie McMahon, Talks Brand Split And Who Should Have Been Champ In His Era

Luke Norris

WWE Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart has never been one to shy away from voicing his opinion on the state of professional wrestling, and things were no different as he let go on a number of topics in Part One of a brand new interview with House Money Studios' Alfred Konuwa.

In what truly is a fantastic interview, Hart gave fans an update on his health, saying that he feels he is "on the winning side" of his recent bout with prostate cancer and has actually been back in the gym for about three weeks. Being on top of it from the start, he says, certainly helped his particular situation and feels very confident that he's won this fight. Bret says that his stroke in 2002 actually took a bigger toll on his overall well-being, but claims that he his recovery rate from the incident was still 80 to 90 percent.

"I'm a beat up old train but I'm on the tracks."

"As far as champions, Roddy Piper. I always thought he should have been champion. Jake "The Snake" Roberts is a guy that could have been world champion in any league. Mr. Perfect easily could have been world champion -- probably was a big setback for him to have injured his back when he did. But there's always been a lot of great wrestlers that never got their full credit."
"If you leave him in charge long enough, he'd probably pick Batista, possibly Brock Lesnar just because of his size and his power. I'll give Brock Lesnar credit. I think he's a great wrestler, too. He's a really skilled wrestler for his size, second to none. But I do think there's a tendency by Triple H and certain members of the front office that look at the bodies. They look at Batista's body, they look at the way Rock looks and the big money and the big matches go to the guys that have the big bodies. I don't always think that's right."
"They forgot about the wrestlers that pull the wagon all year long."
"I think someday you'll see Vince McMahon's brain in a big, glass jar with a bunch of wires coming out and he'll still be calling the shots."
"What does Stephanie McMahon know about wrestling?

"I don't believe she fully understands pro wrestling the way Shane does."

"I don't believe she fully understands pro wrestling the way Shane does."

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