‘Honeymoon From Hell’: Lifetime Movie Inspired By True-Story Of South Carolina’s Ghost Of Alice Flagg, Starring Ciara Flynn, Catherine Hicks

Honeymoon From Hell is a brand new horror movie that will grace the screens this weekend on the Lifetime channel. Originally titled, The Ghost of Alice Flagg and The Legend of Alice Flagg, Honeymoon From Hell tells the story of a newly married couple who are stranded at a bed and breakfast in South Carolina, where the bride’s ring is stolen and a hurricane leaves them shut in. The movie is directed by Jake Helgren and written by Jake Helgren and Ralph McCloud. It stars Lexi Giovagnoli as Julia McCoy, Adam Hagenbuch as Rivers McCoy, Catherine Hicks as Hazel Burroughs, and Ciara Flynn as Alice Flagg.


Synopsis Of Lifetime’s Honeymoon From Hell

Newlywed couple, Julia and Rivers McCoy, have just arrived at a charming bed and breakfast for their honeymoon. Impressed with the layout, Rivers informs his new bride that he found the location on a fishing website.

Instantly impressed, Julia is ready to settle in for a good night’s rest with her new husband. Before long, she begins seeing the figure of a young woman who she learns could be Alice Flagg, a local ghost who died of a broken heart decades earlier. The ghost of Alice Flagg appears out of nowhere and then disappears before her very eyes.

Charmed at first by the beautiful legend of Alice Flagg and the sudden appearance of a white rose, Alice Flagg’s favorite flower, Julia is now stiff with fear as more strange things keep happening.

What should have started out as a dream honeymoon ends up a disappointment. First, Julia’s wedding ring disappears. Then, a deadly storm comes in and knocks down all the landlines, leaving them stranded at a bed and breakfast that appears to be haunted. Now, Julia is convinced that this is all a sign that someone is trying to kill her.


True Story Of Alice Flagg: The Ghost Of Murrells Inlet — South Carolina
Alice Flagg was a real woman who died of an illness in 1849 in South Carolina, and her legend has been passed down for decades.

According to Haunted Places, Alice died brokenhearted after she couldn’t be with the man she loved, a man who was deemed unacceptable because of his job and his class in life.

Legend states that Alice Flagg arrived at the Hermitage estate in South Carolina to live with her older brother, Dr. Flagg, a prominent man in the city who was one of the area’s wealthiest residents.

Alice Flagg was a gorgeous dark-haired beauty who attracted the attention of many men in the town. But only one man had her heart. He is identified as a turpentine salesman or a lumberman, but whatever his occupation, it wasn’t acceptable to Dr. Flagg. When he tried to see Alice at the Hermitage home, he was kicked off the property, and Alice was forbidden to see him.

The last thing the lumberman gave Alice was an engagement ring after he asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted the ring but hid it on a ribbon under her shirt. To Alice, her lover’s place in society didn’t matter. She just wanted to be with her one and only true love. Dr. Flagg eventually sent Alice away to a boarding school in Charleston, where she continued her relationship with the lumberman.

When Dr. Flagg discovered that Alice was still seeing the man against his wishes – after finding the ring once she had returned home due to sickness – he snatched the ring off of her and tossed it into a nearby creek. While bedridden, she begged everyone to help her find her ring. She even looked for the ring herself after she regained her strength.

Alice ultimately died and was buried near Pawleys Island at the All Saints Episcopal Church Cemetery, according to Find A Grave. Since her death, the legend of Alice Flagg is one of the most popular ghost stories around South Carolina. There have been many ghost sightings inside the Heritage home and on the property’s grounds.

Some other interesting true story facts

In 2011, several couples reported being stranded at a bed and breakfast in New York during Hurricane Irene.

In 2013, an East Hanover, New Jersey, couple reported being robbed while on vacation at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. According to Patch, when they left the room briefly and returned a time later, they found the room in disarray with $30,000 in cash stolen, along with a wedding ring.

Honeymoon From Hell, AKA The Legend Of Alice Flagg, is produced by G It’s Entertainment with distribution by MarVista Entertainment and Lifetime Television.

Sit down this weekend and enjoy the movie, Honeymoon From Hell, this Sunday, July 3, at 9/8 p.m. Central on Lifetime.

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