Border Crossing Theme Park Simulates Illegal Immigration

A theme park in Mexico will allow you to participate in a simulated border crossing, according to the Daily Mail. For those with a strong constitution and a penchant for faux danger, twenty American dollars will allow you to glimpse the dangers of illegal immigration. Not only will you be able to navigate perilous terrain in the dark, you’ll also be chased by a squadron of border guards who are extremely interested in preventing you from reaching your intended goal.

Tourists who decide to pay a visit to the Mexican town of El Alberto will be able to participate in La Caminata Nocturna, a four-hour journey into a nightmare most people cannot fathom. Over the course of one Saturday evening, curious parties will be able to glimpse what it’s like to evade immigration officials and border patrol agents as they make their way towards freedom. Over 100 people bring their talents to the table in an effort to make the experience as realistic as possible.

Although simulating such an experience might be considered tasteless, the town of El Alberto doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. The Los Angeles Times reports that La Caminata Nocturna — which translates to “night walk” in English — provides quite a few jobs to its residents as well as providing a much-needed boost to the local economy.

Those who sign on for the experience will spend several hours running through the dark with a tour guide, dodging Hollywood-style gunfire from border patrol agents as they make their way towards the border. Of course, participants in the simulation aren’t in any real danger; outside of a few scrapes, bruises, and the occasional sprained ankle, lives will never be on the line.

Those who oversee the attraction hope their so-called border-crossing theme park will bring attention to the perils of illegally entering the United States. Instead of encouraging citizens to flee the country, the experience is designed as a cautionary tale for those who may be contemplating migration.