We Should Never Forget We’re All Human, But Conservative Media Wants You To

Judging from the many major events that have taken place in our history over the years, many will likely never forget the reaction to the results of the recent Brexit vote, or the weekly mass-shootings that take place.

Never forget we share this piece of rock. Space station image from 220 miles above the surface of the Earth and traveling at a speed of approximately 17,500 mph, objective distance from the incidents that take place on Earth. Taken Aug. 10, 2015. [Image by Scott Kelly/NASA via AP]Certainly those within close proximity of these moments in history will never forget the growing threat of the impact when Donald Trump was first considered a “comedy act,” before he became a very real threat in the context of America’s future.

In reality, one might also never forget these moments unfortunately made a bigger impact than the fact that Hillary Clinton became the first and only woman nominee for the Democratic party, in the summer of 2016.

But there is also the potential that the partisan divide among Americans, and even worldwide, will be forgotten, for the simple fact that the never-ending propaganda machine will continue to try and erase that some of those realities were never really there.

For instance, as far back as one can recall in recent memory, it was never the case that the obstructionism in Washington has been put on the shoulder of party Democrats, for the simple reason that progressive action to protect the rights of those who have long been stigmatized as outcasts, such as the LGBT community, has been led by Democrats against the constant attacks of conservatives who cringe at the idea of a same-sex couple.

Conservative media continues to either attack the thought that there should be any support for them, or that it’s even accepted by a “bearded figure in the sky,” or even when they do attempt to embrace this, they do it reluctantly, ready to promote “the law” instead so that they do not feel nauseated by the thought of someone’s sexual preference.

Never forget that Republicans play politics with people's lives, such as they did with legislation over Zika. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nev., center, accompanied by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., right, faces reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 28, 2016, as the Senate split along party lines and left a $1.1 billion proposal to fight the Zika virus in limbo, another more recent example of the obstruction in Washington. [Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo]African-Americans never forget that racism is systematic and in every attempt to spotlight the issue, they’re attacked again by conservatism, suggesting that racism no longer exists or that Black Lives Matter is the equivalent of the KKK, or even those who try to encourage police officers to boycott a Beyoncé concert over a Black Panthers tribute, or that open-carry advocates stalk black protesters in case they get out of line.

Conservative media is certainly working overtime to make sure that making those rights accessible is somehow forgotten, lost in a constant spin cycle of propaganda.

Overseas we see the brutal slaying of people in large numbers, such as the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people under the Assad regime, aided by Russian forces who are just as guilty of indiscriminately killing civilians.

Or the continuous sectarianism that takes place in Iraq between the Shiite and Sunni people, who should never forget that, even though they believe in two different roots to Mohammed, they are also people just trying live.


One would like to assume that common sense would somehow prevail and create some common ground for everyone, but the constant effort people make to overpower, manipulate, or control the other is always endlessly defended for either the right reasons, but usually the wrong ones.

In all cases we should never forget that the imbalance of these things comes down to constant politics and the lack of will to want to solve actual problems.

Though we should consider those who make such an overwhelming effort to do those things, they are people as well; how does one manage to push through with some commonsense somehow?

We should never forget that the defeats and successes are constantly shifting between being small or large, and rather than overwhelmingly measuring the success by size, that we should always expect them to be subtle.

In a way, it’s a constant competition where the one must get ahead of the other and take every open opportunity to do so, but we should also never forget that this is how it’s always been.

[Image by Luca Sartoni via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0]