Tyga Cheating On Kylie Right After Reunion?

According to Hollywood Life, it’s possible that Tyga is cheating on Kylie Jenner even though they’ve only just got back together after their most recent break-up. The rapper was seen driving around with a “mystery blonde” in the car, and when he stopped to fill up the tank with gas, bystanders were ready with cameras. Looks like Tyga is yet again been caught in a “questionable pickle.”

While he waited for the tank to fill up, Tyga appeared to be “hanging out” with some friends outside the car, while a “gorgeous blonde” woman sat in the back seat, but didn’t take part in the conversation.

It’s true that fans are only too ready to believe rumors that Tyga is cheating on Kylie, after the history he has with the youngest Kardashian family sister. Maybe it’s not true, and Tyga was just be hanging out with someone he’s known for a long time, or offering a ride to someone in need. The mystery blonde may even have been “part of his regular posse” or the girlfriend of one of Tyga’s buds, but it was “a little strange” that so soon after the romantic reunion, Tyga was out with another woman, and Kylie was nowhere to be seen.

MTO News reports that Tyga has plans to “keep control” of Kylie, and likes to work her “into a jealous frenzy whenever he gets the chance,” so it’s possible that this appearance with an unknown “sexy blonde” was just one more way for Tyga to keep Kylie paying attention. A Jenner fan tweeted that Tyga gave Kylie a new car so that she would forgive his cheating, and that could have been another way to keep control of Kylie.

The gas station wasn’t exactly a private or hidden place to be seen with someone he shouldn’t have been with, and Tyga has previously spoken about the public nature of his relationship with Kylie.

OK! Magazine reports that when Kylie, 18, broke up with Tyga, 26, over cheating allegations before, Tyga said it was the “intense scrutiny” they were under that caused the split. He told Big Boy TV that “it took a lot” away from his life, “overshadowed” what he’d “worked so hard for” and that fans tended to see him only as the person the media said he was, and not as the real Tyga.

“When you’re in a very public relationship like that, it’s hard for other people to see you differently than that.”

Now that they are back together, Tyga will have to be extra careful if he wants fans to believe that the cheating rumors weren’t true. He’s right that both he and Kylie are very much in the public eye, and there are all kinds of cheating rumors and speculation that Tyga will cheat if he hasn’t already.

One fan tweeted that Tyga will end up cheating again.

The Kardashian and Jenner family weren’t happy about Kylie’s reunion with Tyga, and they do think that Tyga is likely to cheat on her again. The Mirror reports that a source told Us Weekly the Kardashians wanted the split to be permanent.

“He’s really not good for Kylie. The family doesn’t want him around.”

Kylie and Tyga were split up for two months, and Kylie had a fling with another rapper, PartyNextDoor, during that time.

Some people think that Kylie had the romance just to make Tyga jealous so that he’d want to go out with her again. According to the Inquisitr, Kylie admitted to using exactly that tactic, and it looks like it worked for her.

It remains to be seen whether Kylie Jenner’s reconciliation with Tyga will work for her as well as her tactics for getting him back. What do you think? Is this the real thing this time for Kylie and Tyga?

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]