Dad, Mom Kept 3 Kids In ‘Feces-Smeared’ Home — Ronald Hingham And Bambi Shiley Faces Jail In Horrifying Case

Ronald Hingham, a 39-year-old dad in Struthers, Ohio, and mom, Bambi Shiley, 36, were busted in March of this year for what prosecutors there called one of the most horrifying cases of child endangerment they had ever seen — involving the couple’s three children who were forced to live in a home where according to police the walls were “caked with fecal matter” and feces was “smeared” throughout the kitchen and even in the bathtub.

According to a report by local TV station WKBN, the sickening situation first came to light in May of 2015, when the school attended by Hingham and Shiley’s three children, who ranged in age from 11 to 14, called to report that the kids appeared unhealthy and frequently missed school.

When cops showed up at the home on Fifth Street in Struthers, they didn’t even have to go inside before they knew that things were terribly wrong, according to a report by local TV station WFMJ. The officers could smell the stench of fecal matter from outside the home.

But they did proceed inside, and that’s when they discovered the true extent of the hellish and revolting condition of the home.

“For you to be raising three children in a home — feces is just smeared. I mean, it’s in the kitchen. It’s everywhere,” an appalled Mahoning County Assistant Prosecutor Jennifer McLaughlin described. “Any one of these children could have contracted a very serious illness from these conditions, at any point.”

When the officers interviewed the three children, they discovered that the 14-year-old has not seen a doctor in nearly a year — since undergoing surgery to remove a colostomy bag.

As a result, the boy, who wore a diaper, had liquid feces dripping down his legs — which were also encrusted with dried fecal matter — and even worse, suffered bleeding from his rectum and a number of open sores on his buttocks, legs, and even his genitals.

The dad, Ronald Hingham, has also been indicted for failing to register his address as required of a convicted sex offender. In 2008, Hingham was convicted of “gross sexual imposition” against a female victim.

Watch a video news report from WKBN about the arrests of Ronald Hingham and Bambi Shiley on child endangerment charges, in the video below.

Police continued to investigate the home occupied by the couple and their three kids, finding the upstairs area of the home “caked with fecal matter,” according to the police reports, as well as so many dirty diapers strewn across the floor “almost to the point where you could not see the ground.”

The police reports also described feces covering the walls of the home, and on the inside of the bathtub.


The injuries caused to the boy by the build-up of fecal matter on his legs were equivalent to third-degree burns, and he was subsequently treated at the burn unit of Akron Children’s Hospital in Ohio.

Shiley told police that she was unable to give the child a bath because the boy was afraid that the water was “going to kill him.”

Watch a news report in the sentencing of Ronald Hingham in the WKBN video below.

Ronald Hingham was sentenced on Wednesday to 18 months in jail, with credit for the four months that he has already been sitting in jail. Bambi Shiley is set to be sentenced for her part in the child endangerment case on July 12.

[Featured Photo via Struthers Police Department]