Rihanna Posts Scottish Fan’s Saucy Video Of Herself — It Shows Her Dancing Derriere [Video]

Rihanna has posted a video that came from a Scottish fan on the UK leg of her ANTI tour. Rihanna recently toured Glasgow as part of her “Anti World Tour.” The video shows off Rihanna’s pert derriere.

The singer posted the video, writing, “Which one of my Scottish fans took this video??????????????? #SAUCY Glasgow thank you for a fun ass night!! #ANTIWORLDTOUR.”

It looked like Rihanna totally enjoyed being in Scotland. And the fans loved the video she posted.

“Lol hahaha that’s a good one tho.man I wish she comes back for another tour!!” said one.

“This is amazing lol,” said another.

The video already has 4.3 million views and seems to be a huge hit with the fans.

Rihanna never hesitates when it comes to posting really hot pictures of herself. The Inquisitr had previously reported that Rihanna’s friend Melissa Forde had posted several pictures of the singer in which she was topless or wearing skimpy beachwear. The singer appeared in sheer crochet blouses and barely-there bottoms. Rihanna has always been a showstopper when it comes to her fashion sense and her beach holidays are no different. Singer’s nude Swarovski crystal dress had created a lot of buzz, AOL reported.


“When Rihanna came that year, we had no idea what she would wear. We still get clips from that night. That whole nude look started there with Rihanna. That was pretty powerful,” said Steven Kolb, the president and CEO of the CFDA.

Rihanna might be making the right choices when it comes to her clothes, she needs to rethink her music perhaps. The Daily Record had reported that Hampden Stadium in Glasgow was only half full.

“Hello Glasgow, this is awesome. I missed you guys. I missed this city so much,” Rihanna told the crowd.

Several Rihanna fans also complained about the almost empty stadium in London.

One wrote, “Rihanna was lots of fun. It was… rather empty. But lots of fun.”

Another added, “The stadium is empty for Rihanna. I’m so confused.”

“I can’t believe I am saying this, but I actually feel bad for Rihanna after seeing that empty stadium.”

“Still can’t believe how many empty seats were at Wembley for Rihanna. Crazy.”

Some said that Rihanna had probably overestimated the number of fans that would turn up.

“Definitely should stick to doing arenas!”

The attendees also said that there was one moment when Rihanna stopped the music and said, “I don’t want you texting on your phone, not to your boyfriend, not your girlfriend, not yo baby mamas. I only want you on your phone if you’re taking pictures of ME!,” the Sun reported.

Do you think Rihanna’s fan following is slowly thinning?

Whether the stadiums were full or not, Rihanna is always generous when it comes to her fans. If Fox News is to be believed, Rihanna surprised her fans once again when she bought pizza for those who were caught in the rain waiting outside the stadium where her performance was due.

“We couldn’t believe it,” Daniel Reading said, who got a signed box of pizza, the Manchester Evening News reported. “The pizza was only sent to our side of the queue.”

Many can keep complaining about the slice of the pizza they never got, but the truth is that Rihanna is pretty generous when it comes to her fans.

Some have also complained that her concert was heard up to 10 miles away, the Manchester Evening reported. She was in Old Trafford club on Wednesday.

Do you think Rihanna is losing her fan following? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]