Sheila Von Wiese, Heather Mack: On ‘Passport To Murder’: Case Of Rich Chicago Widow’s Dead Body Stuffed In Suitcase During Exotic Vacation In Bali, Indonesia, To Premiere On ID

Sheila von Wiese-Mack, the rich widow who was murdered by her daughter, Heather Mack, and her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, in Bali, Indonesia, will make the first episode of the new TV crime docu-series Passport To Murder. In the new Investigation Discovery television series, Americans board the plane to paradise only to end up heading to their worst nightmare. Passport To Murder is similar to 2013’s TV crime series Murder In Paradise.

About Passport To Murder On Investigation Discovery

Each one-hour episode of Passport To Murder will feature an American who expects to experience the blue waters and the white sandy beaches of some of the world’s most exotic locations. With their passports in hand and their journey underway, these Americans don’t know it but this vacation will end up being their final destination. Passport To Murder is produced by Sky Vision with distribution by TruTV.

2014: Sheila von Wiese: Wealthy Mom Took Daughter On Expensive Vacation But Came Back In Body Bag

In the first episode of Passport To Murder titled “Nightmare In Bali,” you’ll hear about the case of Sheila von Wiese, the 62-year-old rich widow who boarded a plane bound for Bali but ended up dead at the hands of her own spoiled daughter and her greedy boyfriend.

By all accounts, Sheila von Wiese-Mack was a lovely and cultured woman who once worked for Senator Ted Kennedy, according to the Daily Mail. She loved her daughter, Heather Mack, immensely, but often hovered over her in an unhealthy way. Sheila Von Mack was in her 40s when she had Heather, and she had high expectations for the girl. But Heather Mack, who grew up privileged, turned out to be a highly disturbed teen with a propensity for violence.


Friends Tried To Warn Sheila, According To Daily Mail

People who lived near them in Oak Park, Illinois, say that they fought constantly and that the police were always at their home.

  • The fights were so brutal and were happening so frequently that Sheila von Wiese’s friends worried for her safety and often urged her to put Heather out.
  • When they learned that Sheila von Wiese planned to take her daughter to Bali, Indonesia, in an effort to get their relationship back to a good place, they warned her not to do it.
  • Sheila von Wiese, AKA Sheila Von Wiese-Mack, ignored their warnings, packed her passports, and boarded a flight from Chicago to Indonesia.
  • When they first arrived, they stayed at W Retreat & Spa Bali-Seminyak, then headed over to the St. Regis Bali Resort.

The Boyfriend And Daughter Did It For The Trust Fund And Inheritance
The resort itself should have offered a few weeks of relaxation against a backdrop of pure elegance. Instead, police say from the time they arrived that August, Heather Mack began plotting and planning her mother’s death with Tommy Schaefer so that she could get her hands on the inheritance and trust fund money that she believed her mother was trying to keep away from her. The money, authorities say, had been left to her by her father, James Mack, a music composer who died in a hotel in Greece due to a pulmonary embolism, according to the Chicago Tribune.


Heather Mack promised her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, some of the money if he’d help kill her mother. She made sure Tommy Schaefer got his passport, and she paid for his $12,000 plane ticket bound for Bali, using her mother’s credit card. Tommy was excited with the possibility of becoming rich and living a lavish lifestyle by helping her carry out the murder.

Schaefer to his cousin

“I’m too geeked. When I say pack yo bags it’s for real this time. I’m telling you g you can start celebrating.”


When Tommy arrived over a week later, they used their phones to text back and forth as they waited for the perfect time to kill Sheila von Wiese. In some of the texts, Tommy and Heather stated that they were waiting for her to pass out. In others text messages, they discussed waiting for her to reach a deep sleep. Tommy Schaefer also talked about the murder with a friend, who suggested using a gun. Several hours after Schaefer’s arrival, they ended up bludgeoning her to death in room 317 and stuffing her partially nude body in a suitcase.


Sheila von Wiese’s Bloody Body Found In Suitcase, Cousin In Chicago Worried

The body of Sheila von Wiese was discovered after Tommy and Heather loaded the blood-covered suitcase into a taxi-cab and left the hotel. They were finally captured at another hotel, not far from the St. Regis. When the news broke, it made international headlines, leaving Tommy Schaefer’s cousin back in Chicago worried that he would somehow be connected to the crime.

Turns out, he had every reason to fear. What probably started out as minor chit chat landed Robert Ryan Justin Bibbs in jail for helping to plan the murder.


The texts uncovered by police show that Robert Ryan Justin Bibbs was speaking with Tommy Schaefer before and after the murder of Sheila von Wiese. Text records also show a very callous Schaefer joking with friends about Heather Mack being crazy and how she needed someone to kill her mother. When Heather found out, she asked her boyfriend to stop talking about it, according to police records found at Scribd.

Heather Mack to Tommy Schaefer

“Can you not tell people i asked you to kill my mom. Cause i was so F—ed up tommy and i really didnt mean it,” it read. “Ive been regretting ever saying that so much and ive paid for it, shes almpst died like 5 times and ive been so petrified and scared. [sic]”

About The St. Regis Bali Resort

The St. Regis Bali Resort is a gorgeous beach front hotel that is outfitted with state-of-the-art spas and decorated with sharp bold colors. Sprawled across nine hectares of lush gardens, the lavish retreat is the perfect getaway to calm your nerves and keep your worries at bay.


Tune into the riveting new true-crime series Passport To Murder this Friday, July 1, at 10 p.m. on Investigation Discovery (ID). Recently, Inquisitr reported that Heather Mack was seen dancing while in prison.

Heather Mack Speaks

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