One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Set To Fight It Out With Briana Over Freddie

News that Louis Tomlinson was set to become a dad was leaked less than a year ago. It was on July 14 last year that U.K. tabloid the Sun ran an exclusive announcing that Louis was headed for fatherhood after a brief fling with L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth. Since then, life has been anything but simple for One Direction star Louis. Many One Direction fans have never believed that Tomlinson had fathered Freddie Tomlinson, the baby who was born in January of this year.

Many believed and indeed still believe that Tomlinson was forced into a sick PR stunt by his management team to cover up Louis’ relationship with Harry Styles. Other believed that Jungwirth was acting as a surrogate for Tomlinson, and others have simply never accepted that Freddie Tomlinson even exists. The entire story caused a huge deal of controversy, with both Jungwirth and Tomlinson’s family’s attacking One Direction fans. The entire debacle became dubbed as “babygate.”

When little Freddie Tomlinson was born in January, many One Direction fans expected Louis to deny paternity and demand a DNA test. That did not happen, but that does not mean the controversy has gone away. Many One Direction fans have always believed that Tomlinson would end up in a messy court case with Jungwirth. If the Sun is to be believed, that is exactly what is happening.

The U.K. tabloid newspaper reports today that Tomlinson is headed to court to fight for joint custody of Freddie. In the days and weeks after baby Tomlinson arrived, Louis was visiting the house he rents for Briana and Freddie on an almost daily basis. It wasn’t long before we saw hints that a custody battle might ensue. In February, the Daily Mail reported that Louis was set for a court battle over access to Freddie, and many suggested that Jungwirth and her family were trying to squeeze money out of Louis in exchange for access to his son.


Rumors also surfaced claiming that Jungwirth was far from happy that Freddie was spending time with Louis’ reported new girlfriend. In recent weeks, it has been noted that instead of collecting Freddie from Briana’s home, he has had the child transferred to his care in car parks and even at the side of the road.

According to the Mirror, Louis is unhappy with the custody arrangements at present because Jungwirth is inconsistent with regards to access. Tomlinson wants to play a full and equal part in Freddie’s life and as a result of Jungwirth’s inconsistency Louis wants to have joint custody, thereby ensuring that Freddie spends half of his time with his father.

The Mirror reports that, according to TMZ, Tomlinson is already paying $15,000 a month in child support for Freddie in addition to renting a $1 million home. Until now, it had appeared that relations between Louis and Briana were cordial, but they reportedly fell out when Briana discovered that Louis’ new girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, was waiting in the car outside her home when Tomlinson called to collect his son. Apparently, a source told the Sun that Louis has been left with no alternative to seeking a formal custody agreement through the courts.

“Since Freddie was born they have been working things out amicably but recently Freddie’s mother has been inconsistent with Louis’ access to him.

“Louis was left with no alternative but to seek redress through the courts and has taken those steps accordingly.”

It would seem that predictions by One Direction fans that Louis’ would end up in court have come to reality, even if not for the reason many expected. Fans will be hoping that for Tomlinson and Freddie’s sake this matter is brought to a swift conclusion because most do not want to see the babygate drama re-emerge.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]