Kate Middleton Pregnant? The Duchess Is Not Having Child No. 3 Just Yet

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with her third child? Despite the tabloid rumors, the duchess isn’t having another baby just yet.


Gossip Cop recently debunked the crazy royal rumor. Star published a cover that proudly proclaimed “It’s a girl!” and that Middleton and William were going to name their child Diana, after the prince’s late mother. According to the tabloid-busting website, Star not only wrote of the joyous news, but had the nerve to claim that they had an inside source from the palace.

The Kate Middleton pregnancy rumor only got crazier as the story progressed.

“One year after her last pregnancy, Kate is expecting again — and this time, Prince George and baby Princess Charlotte are getting a little sister!”

Star wrote that the palace insider said the duchess was not only “two months along,” but claimed that the royal was “beyond thrilled” to have a new addition to the family. The pretend source even spoke to what type of family Kate and William would like to have ultimately.

“Kate and William agreed long ago that big families were best. They’ve always wanted at least three kids, and for them to be close in age. This latest addition couldn’t be more welcome.”

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy news apparently had the royal family beyond thrilled. Prince William and Princess Kate supposedly shared the happy news with the queen first. Once they divulged the news to the queen, they told the rest of the family. The royal clad was apparently “very excited for the arrival of George and Charlotte’s little sister.” Thanks to Gossip Cop, this rumor has been put to a halt.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy is false on multiple grounds and Gossip Cop has the evidence to prove it. To start, the online celebrity policing site pointed out that Star pretty much used a replica cover design from their sister publication Ok!. The similar magazine cover falsely claimed that Kate Middleton was expecting twin girls. As you continue to read the article in Star, the tabloid backtracks on their pregnancy claim. The magazine then states that a friend of the royals told them that the couple will “announce the news when they’re ready.” Right after that statement, Gossip Cop sarcastically wrote “that is probably the only accurate claim” Star featured in their story. Shade? Yes indeed.

The Kate Middleton pregnancy rumor is “untrue,” according to one of Gossip Cop’s “impeccable royal insiders.” In addition, a spokesperson for Kensington Palace also explained that this story was “never confirmed” by them. Gossip Cop then pointed out that Star previously made another faulty pregnancy claim about Middleton last September.

Kate Middleton unfortunately has a tendency to get stuck in a flurry of ridiculous rumors. Recently, Celeb Dirty Laundry made the claim that Middleton’s obsession with exercise and diet has worsened. The web tabloid then stated that former model Rose Hanbury might be the person to blame for Middleton’s “exercise obsession” worsening.

“Rose had a baby three months ago but you would never guess that by looking at the photos from the event. Has this pushed Kate to cut calories and exercise even more than usual?”

The article then goes on to insult Kate Middleton’s non-royal upbringing. Celeb Dirty Laundry called the duchess a “commoner” and then discussed Rose’s “aristocratic background.” Once the web tabloid explained Rose’s royal family tree, they nastily wrote, “That’s more than Kate Middleton and Carole Middleton can say about their lineage.” While Middleton might have not initially been a royal, she is a duchess now.


While Kate Middleton’s dieting and exercising rumors have not necessarily been debunked yet, Celeb Dirty Laundry has a track record of not getting their facts straight.

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