WATCH: Matt Damon Pulls Jason Bourne-Style Prank For Charity And It’s Adorable [Video]

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not Matt Damon could possibly get any more adorable, the answer is yes. Yes, he can.

In order to raise money for his charity,, Matt Damon pranked people in total Jason-Bourne style, and as he did so, he could barely contain his joy as he giggled his way through it.

Damon turned unwitting strangers into spies by getting them to answer a random, ringing phone and then sending them on bizarre missions. Some quickly tossed the phone that was pressed urgently upon them by a stranger who then fled, but others did the world a huge favor by agreeing to the mission being given to them by a mysterious stranger, who just happened to be Matt Damon.

And Matt Damon’s unabashed giggles of glee are just a total bonus.

Watch the video below.

The best part? When the man who is directed to go buy a hot dog from a nearby hot dog stand seems to accept the strange situation as a matter-of-course, but objects to purchasing a hot dog because “those things are like, $14, man.”

That’s what gave him cause for concern and question. Not the fact that an unidentified man is giving him instructions via a burner phone that had been pressed urgently upon him by a fast-footed stranger, but the price of the hot dogs.

Damon was able to get several of his recruited spies to follow his instructions, which he gave to them over the super-secret, spy-worthy burner phone from a secluded room. And thank goodness it was a secluded room because the sound of Matt Damon openly giggling like a schoolgirl while watching his spy recruits probably would have given the whole prank away.

Then again, these people actually answered a random, ringing phone and took directions from a complete stranger, so maybe the fact that the person instructing them to begin their short-lived career as potential spies was giggling like a maniac wouldn’t have bothered them in the least.

At the end of it all, the strangely willing participants who stuck it out to the very end got to meet Matt Damon, who managed to pull it together. They also got tickets to the premiere of Matt Damon’s new movie, Jason Bourne.

And Damon’s charity won out, as well. has a simple but completely necessary mission, and that is to bring water and sanitation to the world in a safe, accessible, cost-effective way, stating that bringing water to the world is a method of empowerment, leading to a better life for many worldwide. Founded by Matt Damon, along with Gary White, has been inventing new, sustainable solutions to the global water crisis, and, by doing so, helps communities by imbuing them with hope, health, and a future.

“We believe water is the way. To break the cycle of poverty. To achieve global equality. To make a bright future possible for all. We are here to break down the barriers between people and access to safe water and sanitation.”

“Water is a fundamental human need, yet 660 million people worldwide lack access to safe water. 2.4 billion people worldwide lack access to a toilet. When it takes everyday hours to find and collect water, it’s hard to find time for commerce and community. It’s hard to get through a full day at school. It’s hard to prosper without safe water.”

Remember when we asked if there was any possible way Matt Damon could get any cuter? Not only does he look the way he does, act on-screen the way he does, and giggle the way he does. He’s also a humanitarian who is passionate about bringing a necessary, life-sustaining element to people for whom clean, accessible water is a struggle.

The new Jason Bourne film will be in theaters July 29, 2016, but you probably won’t see a whole lot of Matt Damon giggling in it.

[Photo by Vera Anderson/Getty Images]