WATCH: Matt Damon Pulls Jason Bourne-Style Prank For Charity And It’s Adorable [Video]

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not Matt Damon could possibly get any more adorable, the answer is yes. Yes, he can.

In order to raise money for his charity,, Matt Damon pranked people in total Jason-Bourne style, and as he did so, he could barely contain his joy as he giggled his way through it.

Damon turned unwitting strangers into spies by getting them to answer a random, ringing phone and then sending them on bizarre missions. Some quickly tossed the phone that was pressed urgently upon them by a stranger who then fled, but others did the world a huge favor by agreeing to the mission being given to them by a mysterious stranger, who just happened to be Matt Damon.

And Matt Damon’s unabashed giggles of glee are just a total bonus.

Watch the video below.