Jenelle Evans Spends Kaiser’s Birthday Celebrating As Nathan Griffith Makes No Effort To See Son

Jenelle Evans celebrated her son, Kaiser’s birthday yesterday. It has been a long two years for both mom and son. Evans was engaged to Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith, but things ended almost a year ago. It was a very tumultuous break-up, and drama has ensued ever since. Recently, Evans and Griffith faced off in court over custody of their son. Kaiser will remain with Jenelle, but Nathan does have visitation rights. Griffith saw his son for the first time in months recently, but that didn’t seem to be as big of a deal to him.

Teen Mom 2 has filmed the entire relationship between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. They were a lethal combination, and things ultimately blew up last fall. Their son celebrated his second birthday yesterday, but it wasn’t smooth sailing for the broken family. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans spent the entire day with Kaiser while Nathan Griffith was off doing other things. He reportedly made no effort to see his child on his special day, but he did call to send birthday wishes. This was only Kaiser’s second birthday, so the phone call was likely just for show and to have some proof that he made a small effort to recognize his son in order to block Jenelle from bashing him.

There have been many issues between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffth, and sadly, Kaiser seems to be in the middle of their battles. David Eason is Evans’ new boyfriend, and he has been helping to raise Kaiser. Since the court ordered visitation has been ordered, Griffith has allegedly already skipped a weekend with his son to film in New York with MTV. His next scheduled visit is the second weekend in July. After the fight he put up with Evans to see his son, the rumored lack of effort is shocking. Kaiser will not remember this later in life, but if the trend continues, things won’t be good.

Season 8 of Teen Mom 2 has been confirmed already, and filming has reportedly started for Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. Both had talked about leaving the show, but it appears the money is too good to pass up right now. Jenelle is searching for a good job and possibly continuing school, and Nathan is working out and doing competitions. Right now it is unclear if David Eason will be on the MTV payroll this season or if he will just be appearing alongside Evans. With his role in Kaiser’s life, it could go either way.

Throughout the day yesterday, Jenelle Evans shared various photos of Kaiser’s second birthday. She decorated and made sure to make the day about him. David Eason was a part of the festivities, but Nathan Griffith was not. It is rumored that he didn’t ask special permission to see him on his birthday. Some fans are calling him out on social media for missing Kaiser’s birthday. Nathan has slammed Jenelle over and over based on her parenting skills, but she is the one who is raising their child and spending time teaching him the things he needs for life.

While Jenelle Evans may not be the perfect parent, she has shown immense growth since bringing Kaiser into the world two years ago. Nathan Griffith walked away last fall, leaving her to become a single mother. After David Eason stepped up to help with Kaiser, Griffith decided he wanted to see his son on a more regular basis. Evans has done what she can to better herself for the lives of both her sons, especially working hard to get Jace back. After two years of proving herself to Teen Mom 2 fans and the rest of the world, Jenelle Evans has finally earned a bit of respect for her efforts.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]