WWE News: CM Punk Says He Will Likely Never Return To WWE

When CM Punk left the WWE, it was a messy split-up. Punk was angry that part-time stars like Dave Batista were brought in to compete in the main event of WrestleMania while Punk worked his butt off every week and never got the main event spot at the biggest show in the WWE every year. When CM Punk left the WWE, he walked out on them and then sat out the rest of his contract. He made public statements about the WWE, saying that they forced him to work hurt and ignored serious injuries without concern.

CM Punk burned a ton of bridges walking out on the WWE. Punk is now preparing for his first ever MMA fight and he gets that fight at a UFC event. The irony is evident, as he publicly decried the WWE for bringing in Hollywood stars like The Rock and Batista and put them in WrestleMania in spots over him while he worked every day and didn’t get it. Now, the UFC is bringing in a former WWE star in CM Punk with no experience and giving him a co-main event match over guys who have fought their way up for years.

CM Punk has become the type of person that he hated in the WWE. That might be one of the reasons Punk gets frustrated and angry when reporters ask him WWE questions now that he is preparing for the UFC. However, Fox Sports reported that, in a recent podcast with Colin Cowherd called The Herd, CM Punk did talks some about the WWE and continued to rip his former employer.

“Back in I want to say, 2011, my contract was up and they were trying to re-sign me and they were trying to re-sign me for lowball figures,” It’s what they do to the guys. They’re indentured servants. They try to pay them the smallest amount of money you could possibly pay them. There’s no health insurance. You’re responsible for your own travel, your own hotels, your own food on the road. You’re home once a day, maybe. I did that 10 years to get to the WWE and then I did it 10 years there, so my gas tank was empty in that regard.”

With that said, CM Punk made it clear that he did not miss the WWE. Win or lose, he wants to make his dream of competing in the UFC come true and has some aspirations. MMA Fighting reported that Punk believes that it isn’t far-fetched to see him getting a UFC title shot if he wins three or four fights. Of course, Punk is a 37-year-old rookie, so that might actually be a little farfetched.

However, if CM Punk washes out of the UFC, don’t expect to see him back in the WWE. Wrestle Zone reported that Punk said that he might wrestle professionally again because he will never say never, but not for the WWE.

“WWE? No. Absolutely not. But you never know, I could pop up here and there. Let me explain that to you even better… it’s not going to even be televised, it’s going to be me in a ninja f–king outfit wrestling one of my buddies and nobody’s ever going to know.”

To this day, CM Punk continues to keep the fires burning while burning bridges left behind with the WWE. He made a lot of enemies with how he left the company and he is too outspoken to just leave well enough alone. Of course, that is why many of his fans love him.

Now, CM Punk prepares for his first big fight at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall (2-0). That fight takes place in Cleveland, Ohio, with the main event seeing Stipe Miocic defending his heavyweight title against Alistair Overeem. Even with that main event, many WWE fans will tune into either cheer for or against their former hero, CM Punk.

[Image via WWE]