Is Criss Angel Dead?

Is Criss Angel dead? That’s the question flying out of the rumor mill right now, with Criss Angel dead trending on the search engines and on Twitter. But at least once a week we hear things like this and they are without merit.

We tried to confirm the meme when we saw it appear and there are no mentions of Criss Angel’s death anywhere in mainstream media, or even coming from the B-List sites. We even checked out Criss Angel’s Wikipedia page and they’re still showing him as alive and well.

We could understand how people may believe Criss Angel might be dead. For one, he’s a performer and entertainer who takes a lot of risks with his magic stunts and nearly every appearance he makes, he appears to be putting his life in danger. Secondly, Criss is also serial promoter and his popularity has been slipping as of late, so rumors of his death would certainly boost popularity.

But for now, we’re calling the Criss Angel death rumors as just that, rumors.

So what do you all think…

Is Criss Angel Dead or Not?

Photo credit: Wikipedia