WWE News: Update On The Drug Roman Reigns Took That Forced Him To Violate The WWE Wellness Policy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that WWE Superstar Roman Reigns failed a drug test that forced WWE to suspend him for thirty days. The WWE Wellness Policy is quite strict, and no one is immune from it, literally. Several names including Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio violated the policy and were suspended over it, which puts Reigns in somewhat okay company maybe? Regardless the suspension was terrible for the WWE and they clearly did not want to see the person they want to be “the guy” go down due to it.

However, they have to go with the rules….or do they? It was reported recently that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wanted to cover up the Wellness Policy failure but realized he couldn’t once it got out. That’s why WWE went ahead with what they wanted to do for WWE Battleground and suspended Reigns a week ago. The question was then if WWE would even talk about the suspension the following week on WWE RAW.

Not only did they talk about it, but they had Seth Rollins attack Reigns on live television to fully show that they were not going to run away from the topic like we all thought they would. Stephanie McMahon would even go on to call the suspension “an embarrassment” on WWE RAW as well. Vince is now trying to get an angle ready to go for Reigns once he returns to the WWE that would allow him to have some sort of a redemption with the fans. He hopes he can make a story for Reigns himself that will lead to WWE fans finally cheering for him. Good luck to Vince on that one.

Reigns Stephanie [Image via WWE]The one real question we all had was a really simple one. What drug caused Roman Reigns to fail the WWE drug test?

According to Ringside News, it is rumored to be an amphetamine/methamphetamine, usually known as a stimulants. There are several classes of them as minor as ADHD medicine and Pseudoephedrine to things far more serious like speed and ecstasy. Often times, you can find stimulants in powders that body builders use to give them energy before work-outs. This is not considered wrong for most to use as they are in your local store for most anyone to use. However, they do come with caution.

Reigns easily could have failed the test due to something he took to help during work-outs, but it could have also been something far worse for him like one of the drugs mentioned above. WWE prohibits all kinds of stimulants and even suspended Adam Rose earlier this year for the use of them, despite the fact that he had a prescription for his ADHD medication that forced the failure for him.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns did not have a prescription of any kind and it is obvious WWE could not find him one before they had to suspend him. If he took something as minor as Sudafed or Adderall, one would imagine that WWE would easily work with him to get a note from his doctor considering his status in the company and the fact that the two mentioned drugs are by no means harmful if used properly.

Shield triple treat [image via WWE]However, if he took something like crystal meth, which WWE could not get a prescription for, then clearly they had no alternative but to suspend the big dog of the WWE. WWE bans all stimulants to avoid any sort of confusion when it comes to testing, unless one has a prescription for a certain drug. Drug testing is often not specific, as they simply go off of what the test gives them and only classify things as what it is and not the drug taken. They cannot know he took Sudafed, for example, when he tests positive for an amphetamine. They could think he was on meth or something far more serious.

It is puzzling that WWE and Roman Reigns did not try to clarify anything, which makes many wonder if he took something far more serious. While he clearly doesn’t seem like the type of guy on the surface to take something terrible like crystal meth, these guys are on the road hundreds of days per year. It would not be shocking if they would need something to help them stay awake, focus, or simply get through a night of pain.

Despite this, Roman Reigns knows the rules. WWE clearly wanted to avoid any sort of issue, but he failed the drug test and they had to be fair with the suspension. The suspension clearly will not hurt his standing in the company, as WWE plans to let him main event WWE Battleground for the WWE Championship against former Shield brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins next month.

[Image via WWE]