David Foster’s Daughters Are Calling Out Step Mom Yolanda With ‘How To Spot A Liar’

A Blind Item of the past, created by TamaraTattles, has now been revealed as the source of the news that Sara and Erin Foster, daughters of David Foster, thought stepmom Yolanda of RHOBH was faking her illness. This week, the sisters Foster were guests on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Jenny McCarthy show, Dirty, Sexy, Funny Show With Jenny McCarthy, where they finally spilled the dirt about what they really think of Yolanda Foster and her Lyme Disease, and how someone who alleges she is that sick can still get their energy up to do a reality show.

According to the Inquisitr, Yolanda and David Foster got divorced because Yolanda got sick, David was always traveling, and they grew apart. But is it possible that issues within the Foster family might also be stirring the pot? At the end of their marriage, Yolanda Foster and David Foster were reported not to be spending any time together, and the scenes they shot together on RHOBH were very awkward. Maybe the Foster daughters knew more than the rest of us.


Page Six spilled some tea today as Erin and Sara Foster stated that if Yolanda Foster was on a reality television show, she wasn’t exactly dying. Sara Foster said that she and sister Erin Foster don’t comment on Yolanda Foster’s health, even to their own friends, yet that has obviously changed.

“Only she knows her journey, but I will say is if you’re capable of continuing to be on a reality show, you’re not dying.”

Throughout her battle with Lyme Disease, Yolanda Foster stayed on the show and only left recently when the RHOBH producers wouldn’t have her back on the show full-time.

“Again, we are not doctors. We have no idea what goes on, and we don’t wish anyone ill will of any kind. However, I think that from everyone’s experience, if anyone’s ever known someone who is very sick, who has cancer, who is dying, who’s in the last year of their life, the only thing that person gives a s–t about is getting through the day and being treated normally.”


David Foster wants to cut all ties with Yolanda Foster, who is now back to using her previous husband’s name, Hadid when it comes to financial details.

“No one wants everyone to know how sick they are and everyone to see how much they’re struggling, and when that seems to be the focus, making everyone see how sick you are, that’s just confusing to someone who’s trying to be supportive.”


TamaraTattles revealed the struggle between the sisters Foster and Yolanda in a blind item about the sisters calling her bluff on the sly. It read that an actress/writer/reality show participant could “barely contain her disdain” for her famous father’s latest wife. It seems that the woman in question, now revealed to be one of the sisters Foster, had two Instagram accounts, one private and one public.

The private account allegedly has a post that had information on “how to spot a liar” and information about mental illness. The woman in question was said to be close to her father, as both Erin and Sara Foster are, and so the father, said to be David Foster, would be aware that his daughters thought his soon to be ex-wife was not being truthful. It ended with the good news being that the father would be moving on to wife number five soon. Yolanda was the fourth wife of David Foster.


People Magazine said that Erin and Sara Foster were not close to their father’s fourth wife, Yolanda, and they didn’t seem to think much of her. There was reportedly no love lost between the Foster sisters and Yolanda Hadid.

“Sara and Erin weren’t close with Yolanda. They didn’t think she was very genuine.”

Sara and Erin Foster star in Barely Famous, a hit comedy series on VH1 that satirizes Hollywood and reality TV. Insiders say that the Fosters have never watched Yolanda on RHOBH. Both Erin and Sara Foster are focused on supporting their father, David Foster.

“They obviously love [David]. They want him to be happy.”

What do you think about the latest RHOBH scandal involving Yolanda Foster, now Yolanda Hadid?

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