Negan’s Tragic And Heartbreaking Backstory On ‘The Walking Dead’ Revealed In ‘Here’s Negan’ [Spoilers]

Negan’s introduction on The Walking Dead was highly anticipated by fans. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character did show up during the Season 6 finale. However, some viewers were not happy with how the season ended. Even though many are still debating who Negan killed on TWD, there are others who have an interest in his backstory. That information is now available thanks to Image Comics.

Warning: Possible spoilers for Here’s Negan and The Walking Dead may be ahead.

Those that have read Robert Kirkman’s comic books know about what type of man Negan is. Those that are not familiar with the graphic novels but watch the show fear for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and the entire TWD family. Negan does not seem like a nice man. However, some think he is justified because the Saviors were attacked without provocation, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. Whether Negan is good, bad, or somewhere in between, fans want to know what made him that way.

According to ComicBook, Negan’s backstory is currently being revealed in a 48-page story. In fact, the third installment has already been released. The comic publisher prints tiny bits of Negan’s past in the Image+ preview magazine. So, according to Image Comics, what exactly is Negan’s backstory? What happened to make Negan the man he is today? Was he just as brutal before the zombie apocalypse or did the new world change him like it has so many other people?


Negan was a high school gym teacher, which is difficult to picture. He craved the admiration of his students and peers. This part does sound like Negan, based on what fans know about him so far. He was tough on the students and used a lot of cursing. Even though Negan was hard on the teenagers, they were also invited to his house to play ping pong. For those that have not read the TWD comic books, Negan was known to enjoy ping pong.

However, there is something more important that was revealed in Here’s Negan. It turns out that he and Rick Grimes may have more in common than they think. Yes, they both lead a survival group, both do unimaginable things, but both also began their zombie apocalypse journey in a hospital. It wasn’t Negan that was sick or injured, though. His wife was battling cancer and Negan had to deal with that while admitting to making some very bad decisions. When the apocalypse begins, Negan doesn’t want to leave his wife’s side. However, he eventually did leave because Negan is alive and well.

ComicBook painted a picture that showed Negan’s humanity, mistakes, and tragic events that made him the man he is today. It makes him more relatable and perhaps TWD fans won’t be so quick to label Negan the villain.


To be clear, the whole story has not been published yet. Each month, Image Comics releases four-page increments of Negan’s backstory. TWD fans should know everything about Here’s Negan in the next year. Four pages don’t sound like a lot, but readers already have a good sense of who Negan was before the zombie apocalypse and what he lost. It could help explain Negan’s thought process.

What do you think of Here’s Negan? Have you begun reading the four-page monthly increments from Image Comics? Do you believe that Negan’s backstory in The Walking Dead is important and if so, how and why?

The Walking Dead Season 7 does not yet have a premiere date. However, AMC network has always begun airing the zombie apocalypse television series in fall and the upcoming season will be no exception.

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