‘iZombie’ Spoilers Promise Romance And A Greater Focus On Ravi

iZombie is one of the CW network’s newest hits, soon to be heading into its third season with a core cast able to deliver on spot comedy and drama in equal measure. The series created by Rob Thomas is currently on hiatus, awaiting the new season, and as iZombie nears its Season 3 debut, spoilers and teasers from the show’s cast reveal that the third installment will give fans a couple of things they have been hoping for over the past two seasons, including a greater focus on Liv Moore’s boss.

iZombie Star Rahul Kohli Says His Character Will Become A Greater “Bada–” In Season 3

First MMA session today was a success!...I think that earns a McDonalds.

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Kohli delivers some of the best comic relief on iZombie without relying on Indian stereotypes for the laughs, delivering one liners and puns related to running story arcs, as well as to his vocation as medical examiner. The comedy does draw attention to iZombie‘s Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, but Rahul says fans can expect to see another side to the character as Season 3 picks up.

The iZombie actor recently shared with his Twitter followers that he has been taking Mixed Martial Arts/MMA lessons because, as the new installment of iZombie picks up, there will be reason to learn that Ravi is well versed in combat skills. The reason for divulging this information, suggests Kohli, is because Ravi will have to help protect his friends in one or more upcoming episodes of iZombie.

“First MMA session today, hopefully I can kill two birds with one stone and have them extract a couple of my bothersome teeth,” shared iZombie’s Rahul in one tweet about the lessons.

The change in Ravi has come following the end of Season 2 of iZombie, when Ravi and Liv Moore (Rose McIver) were almost killed and Ravi was left feeling helpless. The incident stirred feelings in the medical examiner to want to have greater value to Liv and to his other friends Major Lilywhite (Robert Buckley) and Peyton Charles (Aly Michalka), as the zombie apocalypse becomes an even greater threat.

“I was told, based on what they want to do with the rest of the show, that if we go into our third season we want to delve into a little bit of Ravi’s stuff. So they may break that formula slightly. At the moment that’s just a conversation, but there may be more Ravi come next year,” reveals Kohli.

iZombie Promises Some Undead Love For Liv Moore

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When iZombie kicks off the new season, Major Lilywhite will be a much more hands-on player, joining Liv in assisting Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) in solving some of his crimes. In this way, iZombie writers will be able to give Major greater purpose in the series and afford more opportunities to rekindle the twice failed romance between him and Liv. While details are sketchy about how far iZombie showrunner Rob Thomas wants to take this romance, it seems clear there will be at least some moments of passion for Liv and Major.

Rose McIver revealed that Major will also become more like her own character as far as the zombie traits she has exhibited over the past two years.

“The last thing that I’ve heard from him is that Major is gonna be taking on characteristics from brains as well,” McIver said of her iZombie co-star’s character.

The implication is that the iZombie writers will be adding those characteristics to all of the zombies in greater detail and, with zombies taking on the traits of their victims or food sources, it may make identifying other zombies that much more difficult.

Aly Michalka has also been upgraded to a series regular, suggesting that iZombie fans will get their wish for more scenes with Peyton. As an assistant district attorney, Peyton may play a larger role in fighting the zombie apocalypse from a legal perspective, or it may all be for naught if the undead succeed in taking over Seattle.

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