‘Neverwinter’ Dated For The PS4 In July, Head Start Pack Lets Purchasers Play A Week Early

Neverwinter, the popular and engrossing action MMORPG developed by Cryptic Studios, is coming to the PlayStation 4 in just a few weeks. PS4 players will be able to start their search for loot, begin leveling up, and taking on iconic Dungeons & Dragons foes starting on July 19. Those looking to visit the world of Neverwinter even sooner can choose to purchase an optional Head Start pack unlocking access to the game on July 12.

When Neverwinter launches on the PlayStation 4, players will find a wealth of free-to-play content including nine expansions, eight classes, and over two years’ worth of content. Since Neverwinter is a free-to-play game, all PS4 owners will be able to download and play on July 19. Players do not need a PlayStation Plus subscription to enjoy the game as confirmed on the PlayStation Blog.

“You’ll travel all across the Forgotten Realms to locations such as the frozen peaks of Icewind Dale, the sunless Underdark, and the radiant forests of Sharandar. Amidst your journey, you will fend off orcs, the undead, elementals, and even a five-headed dragon.”

Neverwinter Face impressive foes, join forces with famous characters, and more in Neverwinter [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]If July 19 is just too far away to start the adventure, players can purchase the Head Start pack and start playing on July 12. The Onyx Head Start Pack includes a mount, helpful items, a title, and much for $19.99. This pack also includes the one week head start for PlayStation 4 players. The pack specifically includes the Fragile Onyx Weapon Pack, 20 Enchanted Keys, an Adventurer’s Helper Pack, Graycloak’s Legacy weapon, an Onyx Horse mount, and “The Onyx Adorned” title as listed on the Neverwinter official site.

Many of these items are useful for characters in their early levels while other items, like the Enchanted Keys, can be useful later in a character’s journey. For instance, the Adventurer’s Helper Pack will likely include an experience booster, Scrolls of Mass Life, Portable Altars, identification items, several kits, and a Greater Stone of Health. Of course, the Onyx Horse mount will be convenient for a character of any level until a better or preferred mount is found or purchased.

Neverwinter Engage in epic PvE battles or fierce PvP matches [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]As the Inquisitr reported, Neverwinter features an optional subscription, an in-game store, and pack purchases as ways to support the game. Of course, these are all optional as the base game and all of its expansions are completely free-to-play. The optional subscription, called VIP, rewards players with loyalty rank and increasingly beneficial bonuses as they subscribe. For example, a rank one VIP gains 10 percent more experience in addition to a number of other bonuses while a rank two VIP gains all the benefits of rank one and additional bonuses like 20 percent more companion experience. VIP members can also unlock access to special items every day such as Enchanted Keys, Epic Dungeon Chest Keys, and more.


The in-game store, the Zen Market, lets players use purchased Zen to buy a number of consumables, augments, mounts, companions, services, and more. The Zen Market also offers special packs like the Knight of the Feywild pack which includes the Moon Elf playable race, a Dawn Unicorn mount, a Slyph companion, and much more. It is likely that PlayStation 4 players will be able to purchase Zen through the PlayStation Store much like how Xbox One players can pick up Zen via the Xbox Store. Fortunately, Neverwinter players can buy Zen without real money too through the refinement and trade of Astral Diamonds.

Rough Astral Diamonds can be earned by completing dungeons, skirmishes, and participating in PvP. These diamonds must be refined before they can be used and players can only refine 36,000 each day. Astral Diamonds can be found outright or converted from Rough Astral Diamonds. Astral Diamonds can be traded with other players for Zen, essentially letting players pick up premium items without real money, or they can be spent on items at the Auction House or the Wondrous Bazaar in Neverwinter.

[Image via Perfect World Entertainment]