The $388 ISHU Scarf Makes You Invisible In Photos, Videos And Snapchats

There is an amazing scarf – called the ISHU scarf – created by 28-year-old Saif Siddiqui, that is setting the celebrity and social media world on fire. As seen in the below photo from Saif’s Instagram account, Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussy Cat Dolls can barely be seen, since she is wearing the ISHU scarf which blocks the flashes from photos.

Happy Birthday @nicolescherzy! X

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A BuzzFeed article about Siddiqui’s ISHU scarves swelled to more than 600,000 views on the same day it was published, on Wednesday, June 29. The ISHU scarves are especially popular with celebrities who don’t want their photos taken every second. Scarves called ISHU, which means issuing privacy and “shh” for silence, are made up of lots of crystals that throw light back onto the camera focusing on the subject wearing the scarves. Therefore, the flash photos don’t turn out the way photographers might intend them to look.

ISHU scarves are also comprised of a special fabric that helps make them the “privacy scarves” that so many people are apparently desiring. The ISHU product creator hails from New Delhi and has found his ISHU scarves and coming phone cases so popular that Saif apologized on Twitter for his website going down the day the BuzzFeed article appeared.

When the flash isn’t used on the ISHU scarf-wearing person, it isn’t known how the photos appear — especially at night. However, Saif has photos on his Twitter account that show the ISHU scarves as they look when photographed in the daytime.

The large and stylish ISHU scarves can be seen on several celebrities across social media — a runaway success of a business that has the ISHU scarf creator traveling between London and Amsterdam.

It’s no wonder celebrities are flocking to the ISHU scarves, because they offer a means of protection against paparazzi that lurk outside of clubs with their DSLR cameras, ready to take photos and videos. The ISHU scarves can protect their wearers from the lights of videos as well.

Famous folks like Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz, DMX, Nick Jonas, and Joe Jonas have been ones that have worn the ISHU scarves.

Saif also announced ISHU phone cases, as can be seen in the above Instagram video. With its signature bold pattern, the ISHU phone case can be seen blocking the person who holds the ISHU case from being seen clearly in the video when he holds the ISHU phone case up to his face.

Not only will the ISHU products likely continue to be popular with celebrities, it seems that ISHU products will be attractive to regular folks as well, who don’t necessarily want their images popping up on social media.

Siddiqui explained that his ISHU products and ISHU clothing line has an intention of making sure people realize the critical nature of privacy.

“The main intention is to make people aware of how important privacy actually is. Everyone has a ‘brand’ online, and with the ISHU scarf, people are back in control of their privacy.”

The ISHU Scarf is listed as sold out as of this writing but offers customers the chance to pre-order the £289.00 (or $388.51 in U.S.) scarf.

“This item will be released on August 22, 2016.”

Siddiqui has ISHU clothing and ISHU phone cases coming as well, as seen in the below video.

Coming soon. ISHU Clothing. #AnonymousSeason1 #WhatsTheISHU?

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The ISHU phone cases are listed at £60.00 (around $80 USD) right now and are available for order for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, Samsung Edge and Samsung S7 models.

Saif promised his website won’t crash again.

“Thank you! Insane to think it’s not even been a year and I feel like I haven’t even started yet!! This Friday we are releasing the ISHU phone cases! @whatstheishu make sure to check (and I’ll make sure site doesn’t crash again)”

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