Was Ellen DeGeneres Of ‘Finding Dory’ Unfriendly During A Press Event?

Finding Dory star Ellen DeGeneres was accused of being “unfriendly” and “aloof” during a recent press event for her movie. While Ok! magazine assumed this rumor was true, Gossip Cop has the inside scoop, calling this story a “made-up tabloid report.”


Ok! claimed that they had an inside source, which told the publication that DeGeneres wasn’t her “bubbly” self. The insider also told the tabloid that journalists at the press junket were surprised to see the comedian look so removed. This faulty report claimed that the star “looked completely bored and kept checking the time.” The fabricated source also told Ok! that Ellen DeGeneres was passive when answering questions.

“She wasn’t being asked about her personal life, only questions about the movie, but she still just gave one-word answers.”

Ellen DeGeneres of Finding Dory was called out for her behavior by the fake source. In fact, the insider goes on a little bit of a rant against the star for something that never even happened.

“You’d think since she was promoting a kids’ movie, she’d plaster on a smile even if she was having a bad day, but no. People were glad when she left.”

Finding Dory star Ellen DeGeneres didn’t behave in an ill-manner during the press event, according to Gossip Cop. The website flat out stated that the story done by Ok! was either “fabricated” or the magazine relied on “an ill-informed source.”

Gossip Cop then goes on to explain that they double-checked this rumor with a person close to Ellen DeGeneres. The legitimate source said the report from Ok! was completely and utter “false.” In fact, the comedian felt quite the opposite about promoting Finding Dory, explained Gossip Cop.

“On the contrary, DeGeneres is very excited about her animated sequel, and has happily gone out of her way to promote Finding Dory.”

Ellen DeGeneres of Finding Dory has unfortunately been caught in the crossfire of ridiculous tabloid rumors before. Gossip Cop has previously called out Ok! for their elaborately made up stories, regarding the comedian. The online gossip-policing publication once busted Ok! for developing a fake report, which claimed that Ellen DeGeneres had been partaking in “dangerous drinking.”

Finding Dory star Ellen DeGeneres was rumored to being moving to Australia once the contract for her talk show came to an end. Though the comedian’s wife Portia de Rossi was originally born in Australia, the couple has no plans of moving back to the country. Gossip Cop has previously debunked the rumor.


Ok! isn’t the only publication that has been writing suspicious stories about Ellen DeGeneres. This week, Radar Online wrote an entire piece about how the comedian and her wife have “picked up the pieces” from their broken marriage and are “stronger than ever.” According to the web tabloid, the couple that had been fighting for months and recently began saving their marriage. Radar Online claims to have a nameless inside source that knows all about the repairing of their marriage.

“Lately, Ellen cannot stop telling people how incredibly hot she thinks her wife is.”

Ellen DeGeneres of Finding Dory has been rumored to be working with her wife as a business partner, a nameless source told Radar Online.

“Ellen and Portia have started to monopolize their fortunes and are now working towards building an empire together. They have become really solid business partners as well as each other’s wives.”

While Gossip Cop hasn’t written a story yet debunking the rumor, Radar Online does have a reputation for using anonymous sources, that may or may not actually have any insight into the situation.

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