‘The Challenge: Rivals 3’ Cast Finally Tries To Take Down Johnny Bananas, Plus Is MTV Hiding Violent Footage?

Johnny Bananas is about to face his toughest test yet on MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals 3.

The competition is halfway over and the remaining contestants are banding together to take down Johnny and Vince. Will they make it to the next round?

According to International Business Times, a preview trailer for the next episode features Johnny’s biggest enemy, Wes, encouraging everyone. Wes informs the other teams that if they don’t take out Johnny and Vince then they’ll likely make it to the final round.

“We can’t just sit by and let it happen,” Wes says in the video. “We need to make sure everyone understands if we don’t get rid of one of them, no one stands a shot at winning.”

Dario fully agreed. After Wes’ speech, Dario admitted that nobody wants to face Johnny in the finals.

“Bananas and Sarah, Vince and Jenna are two teams you don’t want to see in a final,” he stated. “The only way to disrupt that from happening is to put them in every single time hoping one jungle they mess up.”

As far as Johnny is concerned, he is definitely ready for the challenges ahead. In fact, he admitted that Rivals 3 was the most intense he’s witnessed in the history of the series.

“The second half of the season really is when the rubber meets the road,” he said. “What happens at the end of this season is unlike anything that they’ve ever done. Hands down.”

While the show heads into the second half, reports have surfaced about MTV hiding footage of physical violence.

'The Challenge: Rivals 3' cast [Image via MTV]

According to Zap2It, The Challenge has strict rules against players hitting other players. However, Camila and Tony were recently booted from the show for no apparent reasons.

Is MTV censoring footage?

During the latest episode of The Challenge: Rivals 3, fans watched as Tony and Camila argued with each other. At one point, objects were tossed, but nothing physical ever happened.

The following morning, both contestants were removed from the show, leaving fans wondering what caused their immediate departure.

After all, no punches were thrown by either party and nobody suffered injuries.

According to International Business Times, the fight was very tense and verged on physical contact several times. Fortunately, other contestants arrived to keep the parties separated.

This isn’t the first time contestants have fought. Just last week, Vinny and Devin got into a heated argument and they did get physical. Despite the violence, the two were given a verbal warning and allowed to stay on the show.

This begs the question as to why Tony and Camila were sent home.

Tony and Camila [Image via MTV]

Either MTV is hiding footage of a violent interaction or something else is going on behind-the-scenes.

During an interview with International Business Times, Camila talked about the second half of the season but failed to mention her elimination.

“I think the game kind of starts,” she told the outlet. “You kind of get rid of all the people who aren’t there for the right reasons and then you really get down to the people that are there to compete and if they’re there by then it means they’re doing something right and so then it starts to get nasty. It’s when people start backstabbing.”

Following her exit, Camila released a statement about the altercation.

Camila wished Tony well and admitted that he’s a good person when he isn’t drinking. She stopped short of revealing whether or not things got physical when the cameras stopped rolling.

For his part, Tony was surprised by the elimination and doesn’t remember many of the details about the fight with Camila.

New episodes of The Challenge: Rivals 3 air Wednesday nights on MTV.

[Image via MTV]