‘Hello World!’ Is Hosted By Famous Recording Artists As They Share Stories From The Animal Kingdom

Hello World! is a new series that takes a unique look at the natural world through the narration and music of Christina Aguilera, Usher, Ellie Goulding, Joan Jett, Dave Matthews, and Steven Tyler. According to the Hollywood Reporter, each artist teamed up with the Discovery Channel in order to share several stories of the animal kingdom with viewers. Hello World! is produced by RadicalMedia, in association with the World Wildlife Fund, and two back-to-back episodes will air over three consecutive weeks.

“All of these artists bring a powerful love for wildlife and the environment, and we cannot wait to share these films with families across the world,” said Rich Ross, group president of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and Science Channel.

Terry Macko, the senior vice president of communications and marketing at WWF, added, “As we’re faced daily with news and information about the declining state of our natural world, this series brings a hopeful message that bridges generations to inspire conservationists of any age.”

Red Carpet Crash shared that Hello World! will take viewers deep into the various environments of a myriad of animals, such as sea turtles, jumping spiders, rhinos, and hawks, as they go about their daily activities. Whether they are looking for love, caring for their offspring, or searching for water, animals all have special abilities and particular ways of surviving. Each episode will feature an artist’s vibrant storytelling along with one of their songs and will be accompanied by a rich musical score as well.

Each episode of Hello World! will feature a recording artist, and the first one will highlight Usher and his song “Stronger,” which serves as the backdrop for a determined sea turtle and wily red fox as they demonstrate how adversity can make them more resilient.

“Not many people may know of my strong affinity for animals and nature,” he said in a statement. “Hello World! gave me an opportunity to not only look cool to my boys, but also help introduce a new and modern way of learning about the world and the animals living within it.”

THR noted that Aguilera’s Hello World! episode, titled “Don’t Mess With Mama,” uses her song “Light Up the Sky” to highlight the strength of a mother’s love. A mountain goat and cheetah will reveal just how strong the maternal instinct is, and anyone who gets in their way better beware. Aguilera stated that she had never done voice-over work before and was thrilled to be a part of Hello World!. She said the experience was amazing.

Steven Tyler’s Hello World! episode is titled “Summer Wild,” and his recently released country song “Red, White & You” serves as the perfect backdrop. This lighthearted episode of Hello World! reveals what several critters, such as prairie dogs, hawks, and wild mustangs, like to do on summer vacation.

Ellie Goulding’s Hello World! installment, “Crazy Love,” reveals the humorous and amazing lengths some animals will go to in order to attract a mate. Goulding’s hit “Something in the Way You Move” sets just the right mood for animals ranging from polar bears to garter snakes as they go about trying to find and impress that perfect mate.

Joan Jett follows the stories of several animals on Hello World! that may have a “Bad Reputation” and features wolves, alligators, and sharks. Jett’s hit song with the same name serves as the backdrop for this episode of Hello World! and examines all the fear that surrounds these animals. In reality, they may be getting a bad rap, and even more importantly, each of these animals are an integral and important part of their native ecosystem.

Dave Matthews’ Hello World! episode, “Save Me,” features the stories of three different species of animals, specifically rhinos, spade-foot toads, and manatees. In this Hello World! episode, each one of them conducts searches in their own unique way for the vital, life-giving fresh water that every living creature depends on.

Will you be checking out this new family-friendly series? Leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below. Hello World! debuts on Saturday, July 9 at 8 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]