Did Pregnant Wendy’s Employee Care About Her Baby? Victoria Repine Jumped Out Drive-Thru Window To Fight

The pregnant Wendy’s employee that was allegedly pulled through a drive-through window and assaulted by two women seems to have embellished the truth a bit. New surveillance video from inside the fast food restaurant in Independence, Missouri, shows that Repine climbed through the window to engage in the fight, reports Law Newz. The initial surveillance footage supported Repine’s and a witnesses account of the incident.

Many were horrified at the thought of people being so vicious as to drag anyone — much less a pregnant woman — through a window and beat her up over missing drinking straws. The pictures of the battered and bruised Victoria Repine, a 19-year-old pregnant mother of a one-year-old daughter, spread like wildfire through the media and sympathy was on her side as the recipient of an unprovoked beat down. However, the surveillance footage from inside the Independence Wendy’s outlet shows that a coworker was trying to prevent Repine from climbing out of the window to respond to the unhappy and volatile customers. Once the three-months-pregnant Wendy’s manager got out of the window she fell, causing some of her injuries herself. Because of the new video, doubt has been cast on her entire story.

The incident happened around 3 p.m. on Sunday when Victoria Repine was confronted by two angry women over missing drinking straws. According to her mother Heather Salcedo, before Repine could finish telling them the straws were in the bag, one of the customers got out of the vehicle, grabbed her and pulled her through the window where they began to beat her. When one of her colleagues told the women the Wendy’s employee was pregnant, they said they didn’t care.

Salcedo talked to the media shortly after the incident and was extremely upset over the way her daughter and unborn grandchild were treated. Apparently, Repine failed to tell her mother the truth as well, leaving her with the image of her pregnant daughter being dragged out of a window.

“When they were pulling my daughter out of the window, one of her co-workers came up and she let them know – what are you guys doing? This is ridiculous, she`s pregnant. And one of the attackers said we don`t care. That tells me that they didn’t care about my daughter’s life or my unborn grandchild`s life.”

It seems that Victoria Repine didn’t care about their lives either, judging from the video footage of her exiting the window then apparently falling down — head first –before being attacked. An article on AOL features a contrite Salcedo apologizing for not being more vigilant.

“It’s unfortunate that the incident happened differently than what was originally told and for my part in that I apologize because I should have asked further questions.”

Wendy’s issued a statement regarding the matter before this new information came to light.

“We are shocked and saddened over what happened Sunday afternoon at our 40 Highway restaurant. Our thoughts and prayers are with our restaurant team member. We are cooperating fully with local law enforcement authorities and their investigation. We cannot provide additional details at this time because we do not want to jeopardize their investigation. We are working with our team to help them get through this difficult situation.

The new video raises questions about the validity of her story, her responsibility level as a manager at Wendy’s, and a mother who knew she was pregnant when she climbed out of the window to participate in the altercation. This does not excuse the assailants overkill response to missing drinking straws, and finding them and holding them accountable should be the main focus.

So far, there’s no comment from Independence police about the new evidence, but they are actively looking for the suspects who were so brazen as to fight a pregnant Wendy’s employee in broad daylight and they are described as two black females in a purple Dodge Charger. There were fears that the incident that left Repine with two black eyes, head trauma, a gash, and cuts, may have harmed the baby, but the baby seems to be fine, and the pregnant Wendy’s employee and Victoria Repine is out of the hospital and recovering at home.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]