Justin Bieber And Nicola Peltz Heat Up Love Life With Secret ‘Sleepovers’ & Dates?

Justin Bieber has been associated with Selena Gomez for so long that some Beliebers find it challenging to accept that he has shown signs it’s time to move on. He enjoyed a short romantic relationship with Hailey Baldwin, and there were even rumors of a hookup with Kourtney Kardashian. But now, on several occasions, there have been indications that Bieber has chosen actress Nicola Peltz as his new love interest and gal pal, noted Teen Vogue.

When news broke that Bieber was dating Nicola, some Beliebers posted threats on her Instagram. But despite those warnings from upset fans, Peltz has continued to spend time with Justin. And a new photo display on social media from Nicola has caused those Beliebers to speculate once again that she and the pop star are secretly still dating.

The picture shows Peltz posing with a baby lion, leading fans to conclude that the animal photo shoot occurred when Nicola was visiting Justin in Toronto.

“One of the best days,” wrote Nicola for her cryptic caption.

But even though Peltz didn’t refer to Justin in clarifying why it ranked as a “best day,” some Beliebers quickly leaped to attack her, while others mourned for Jelena (Justin Bieber + Selena Gomez) to return.

“#jelenaforever,” pleaded one such fan.

“The lion is 100 more beautiful than you little f**king b*tch,” slammed another.

“jelenaaaaaaaaaaa,” wailed a Jelena groupie.

Some fans are pleading with Justin Bieber to rekindle his romance with Selena Gomez. Some fans are pleading with Justin Bieber to rekindle his romance with Selena Gomez. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]And some even used Nicola’s Instagram to beg Justin to return to Selena.

“Justin love Selena forever,” requested one Jelena fan.

The photo was reminiscent of the occasion on which Bieber posed with a tiger at his father’s engagement party, and the duo is known to be fond of animals.

But it’s not just baby lion-sized evidence that Nicola is still with Justin that has Beliebers roaring with rumors about the couple’s love life. In addition, Peltz wrote “Toronto” for a photo caption.

That caption added fuel to the reports that Bieber had flown her there to be with him during one of his Purpose tour concerts.

Despite repeatedly getting angry comments from Beliebers, Nicola hasn’t stopped posting to Instagram. Her new photo shows Peltz baring her bikini body, pointed out the Daily Mail.

Increasingly in the headlines after she and Bieber enjoyed a dinner date together, Peltz, 21, and the 22-year-old pop star dined together at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, California.

Nicola and Justin also both were seen at the Saint Laurent event in February, held at the Hollywood Palladium. She earned fame as a rising star in the entertainment world with her role as the daughter of a character played by Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

Nicola Peltz earned fame for her role in "Transformers: Age of Extinction."
Nicola Peltz earned fame for her role in "Transformers: Age of Extinction." [Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures]

In addition, Peltz was featured in an A&E mystery Bates Motel, with Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore. She is set to star in Our House, a sci-fi that also features Thomas Mann.

As to just how serious Nicola and Justin have become, the two have gone from that dinner date at a ritzy Beverly Hills restaurant to “sleepovers” in the Biebs’ home in Beverly Hills, a source told Us Weekly.

Peltz and Bieber first met in Toronto at an album release party. When he had some time off between Purpose World Tour concerts, he reconnected with her.

“The two have been chatting for a bit now,” added the source.

“He’s really into her [and] Nicola likes Justin a lot.”

Earlier this month, Bieber requested that the actress meet up with him in Toronto, flying her there in order to give her a tour of Canada. Peltz spent several days visiting him in his home country.

While some Beliebers may dislike the new romance and long for the return of Jelena, Bieber’s pals are on board with his new girlfriend.

“All his friends love her,” shared the insider. “They’re still going strong.”

[Photo by Roberto Filho/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures International]