‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Has Special Message For Kaiser On His Birthday

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has tried quite a few things over the past couple of years to turn her life around. While she still doesn’t have custody of her son, Jace, she has managed to get an education and even held a job for a while. These days, Jenelle may be living off of her Teen Mom paycheck with some help from David Eason. About three years ago, Jenelle started dating Nathan Griffith, and it didn’t take long for them to get pregnant. Two years ago, Jenelle gave birth to little Kaiser, and the family was happy. But after rumors of cheating and drugs, the two split up. Today, Evans is celebrating his birthday and Jenelle has a very special message for her son.

According to a new Instagram post, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is thrilled to celebrate her son’s birthday today and she posted a collage of images on her Instagram account. She doesn’t mention Nathan Griffith in the post, even though he is the father of Kaiser.

“Today two years ago my second baby boy was born. Since that very special day, he has definitely brought excitement and joy to my life. Words cannot describe how much I love you and cannot wait to see you grow up. Can’t wait to see what you want to be when you get older, or your first day of school, or the first girlfriend you choose. You’re growing up way too fast in front of my eyes and everyone else’s! Stop!!! Anyways, I hope your many birthday wishes come true my booger butt,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Instagram, asking her son to please stop growing so fast.

Of course, one can imagine that Nathan Griffith will be celebrating his son’s birthday with his girlfriend, Jessica, as he may not be able to see his son. He has accused Jenelle Evans of keeping Kaiser from him, even though they don’t have a custody plan in place. He has threatened to take her to court over custody and this was something that surfaced during the Teen Mom reunion special with Dr. Drew. Here, Jenelle accused Nathan of being violent and choking her, according to Us Weekly.

“So wait, you didn’t choke me? You never put your hands on me? You never slapped me in the face when I poured water on your face while you were sleeping? When you decided to crash on my house when you were drunk? No? ‘Cause Tori was there — we all saw it,” Jenelle told Nathan during the Teen Mom reunion.

Of course, Nathan had all kinds of comebacks, including accusing Jenelle of being a bad mother because she’s gained weight. He also pointed out that Kaiser lives in an unstable environment, accusing Evans of doing drugs.

“My son is in an unstable environment with two drug addicts, where you see weed in the background, smoking constantly. Now you have this mysterious illness? You’re not capable of taking care of him. You are totally unstable,” Nathan fought back, hinting that Jenelle Evans and David Eason do drugs together.

Jenelle Evans has revealed that she would take a drug test and it sounds like she encouraged Nathan to take one as well. But according to a new report by She Knows, these drug tests may have been thrown out of the custody case because they were too expensive. It is possible that Evans demanded that Nathan took a test too and he bailed out. There’s no substantial proof that Griffith is doing drugs.

What do you think of Kaiser turning two years old already? Do you think Jenelle Evans will continue to keep him in her custody, given how ugly this custody case already is?

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]