‘Riders Of Icarus’ Launches Head Start Beta, Details Future Content Plans

Riders of Icarus, the mount-focused free-to-play MMORPG from Nexon, launched its Head Start beta on Wednesday. The latest challenger in the crowded genre brings its own unique twists, and developer WeMade Entertainment laid out its content plans for next week’s open beta and beyond.

For those that aren’t familiar, Riders of Icarus is a fantasy action MMORPG that focuses on taming, collecting, and riding a range of powerful wild beasts. This includes everything from Dire Wolves to Dragons and Pegasus. Aerial combat is a core mechanic as heroes battle bosses in the air, but players can still expect plenty of dungeon exploring and ground combat with land mounts as well.

Head Start and Open Beta

The Head Start beta is now available for those that purchase a Riders of Icarus Founder’s Pack from the game’s official website. These range in price from $25 to $90 and come with extra in-game goodies beyond early access to the open beta.

The Riders of Icarus open beta officially starts on Wednesday, July 6. The game will be open to everyone interested in trying it out then with plans to expand the content in future updates starting as soon as July.

The level cap during the open beta will be locked at 25 with a bump up to level 35 later in the month. The reason for this is that the content needed for the later levels is still being fine-tuned by the developer.

A number of new features are being introduced to Riders of Icarus with today’s launch of the Head Start beta. These primarily revolve around the free-to-play model used by the MMORPG. Ellora’s Shop is available with different packages, skins, costumes, and premium service options offered.

The premium service offerings are similar to what is offered with Elder Scrolls Online. Characters and familiars will receive an experience gain buff along with other bonuses such as a 10 percent increase for taming success rate and 10 percent more gold from killing monsters. It also comes with a Potion Bundle that you can activate every 24 hours to receive 20 Health Potions, 20 Familiar Stamina Potions, and one Taming Point Recovery Drink.

Meanwhile, Achievements can now be earned through play with the chance to earn Elluns, the game’s premium currency, with each accomplishment. Different difficulty levels of Achievements will be available with tasks to complete specific objectives such as hunting certain types of creatures, taming a number of familiars, and completing dungeons.

Future Content Plans

Riders of Icarus - Parna's Coast (Nexon)
[Image via Nexon]

The level 35 cap increase will coincide with the launch of Parna’s Coast. This snow-covered zone is meant for levels 25 through 35 and primarily focuses on ground combat while also offering opportunities for aerial combat.

Players will want to tame familiars from the region of Parna’s Coast as a permanent “Parna’s Frost” debuff is in effect for all mounts that originated from outside the region. This decreases the movement speed of non-native familiars.

Riders of Icarus - Cavern of the Veil (Nexon)
[Image via Nexon]

The new region also contains a gigantic underground cave called the Cavern of the Veil. This plays home to Merumi zealots who worship Radan at a massive temple.

Riders of Icarus - Frost Keep (Nexon)
[Image via Nexon]

The Frost Keep is another stronghold players will need to raid. It hosts the Frost Guard and their leader Rondo, who abducted Princess Lania.

Riders of Icarus - Akrat Plains (Nexon)
[Image via Nexon]

More regions will continue to be added to Riders of Icarus in future updates. Some of the new regions detailed be Nexon include:

  • Akrat, a plain containing exotic animals
  • Cloying Wastes, a desert region
  • Ellora Sanctuary, a forest with beautiful waterfalls
  • Tritael Rift, an aerial region

Each new region will come with its own unique dungeons and familiars as well as its own distinct ecosystem. For example, Tritael Rift will feature Pegasi and other flying mounts while the Cloyin Wastes will feature griffins and golden bats. The legendary Torkai will be found in Ellora Sanctuary and Akrat will house many “cute” familiars.

Riders of Icarus - Torkai (Nexon)
[Image via Nexon]

Riders of Icarus also has PVP plans with a Battlefield system coming down the line.

“Competing teams will be placed on opposite ends of the map, with PVE elements such as a boss and other monsters in the middle. While the competing teams are hunting monsters, they will eventually collide and PvP and PvE will blend together organically. Your team will need to balance attacking the boss and fending off any other teams who will try to steal your kill. The victor and the defeated will be determined by comparing the team scores.”

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[Image via Nexon]