Nick Jonas Helps Demi Lovato Fight Demons And Break Up On Future Now Tour

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato go way back in their friendship. And now, it looks like Nick Jonas is being a great support for the singer who had gone through some tough times in the past. Plus, in early June, she called off her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama, which means that she is going through the transitional phase into singlehood.

But having Nick on Future Now tour must mean that she has a life-long friend, who will be there for her when she is fighting her demons.

Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are best friends, business partners and newly minted tourmates,” reports USA Today.

“I’m a big sports fan and Demi will pretend to know about sports, and then you actually try to start a conversation and she just doesn’t,” Nick said in the interview. “Although, now it’s getting better because she’s really into (UFC) fighting, so we can have deep conversations about that.”

“Nick, you can be bad at texting back,” Demi responded. “But you’ve been a lot better about it lately.”

Their banter is also something that will keep them going on Future Now tour, which is starting in Atlanta, Georgia on June 29, 2016.

To prepare for the tour, Demi has been talking about her personal struggles that she had to contend with when she worked on her album released in 2015.

“Demi Lovato’s long been vocal about her past struggles with addiction, bipolar disorder, and an eating disorder,” reports MTV. “In a new interview, the 23-year-old revisits those issues, explaining why she once thought they’d cut her life tragically short.”

Check out the 23-year-old singer gracing the cover of this magazine!

She chose to reveal a very dark side of herself, admitting that she once thought she didn’t have long to live.

“I lived fast and I was going to die young,” she said. “I didn’t think I would make it to 21.”

But since then, Cool for the Summer singer has been dealing with her demons better, inspiring fans all over the world to do the same.

“When I have meet-and-greets, I can’t tell you the amount of times that girls will show me their arms covered in scars or cuts,” she said. “They’ll tell me, ‘You helped me get through this. Because of you, I stopped self-harming,’ or ‘I got sober.’ Hearing those things gave my life new meaning.”

Her Twitter has also been full of positive message.

“Whenever you start to judge your body, remember it’s keeping you alive.. so cherish it,” she tweeted on June 28th.

This change in mindset meant that when she broke up with her long-time boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, she wasn’t so torn up about it.

Check out the message she posted for her fans to read about the break up.

In fact, Demi Lovato may have the best partner on tour. Nick Jonas also recently went through a breakup with Olivia Culpo, which he talks about in his new album Last Year Was Complicated. He had some awkward periods transitioning from being taken to being single.

“Nick Jonas would like you to know that he’s living his best life as a very single bachelor—it is drafting season, after all—by consuming bacon,” reported Time. “Lots and lots of bacon. At least, that’s the message we’re picking up on the latest single from his upcoming album, Last Year Was Complicated.”

See the song in action on his Instagram.

#Bacon available at midnight eastern on @iTunes

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To deal with his break up, Nick Jonas took up his guitar and went to work.

There’s no better release for me than creating,” he said according to Just Jared. “I just had to do it, I had that instinct. The minute she left, I was alone in my apartment. I was like, ‘I have to come and get out of the city and write.’ ”

Do you think Nick will try to feed Demi with lots of bacon to deal with her demons and break up on Future Now tour? Let me know how you deal with your heartbreaks in the comments below!

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