'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13 Spoilers — There Is Still Hope For April And Jackson, But What About Meredith And Riggs?

When it comes to Grey's Anatomy, nothing is ever certain.

The series is heading into Season 13, and things are looking up for April (Sarah Drew) and Jackson (Jesse Williams), who once appeared on the brink of destruction. Will the same hold true for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Riggs (Martin Henderson)?

According to Carter Matt, April's relationship with Jackson evolved by the end of Season 12. Although things have been difficult for them in past years, the characters became friendlier as the season progressed.

Does this point towards hope for their relationship? Or are they doomed to separate?

Fortunately, Williams opened up about April's turbulent romance with Jackson and admitted that they have a lot of work to do.

"[It's] day to day with Jackson and April. They can have a very civil, mature conversation one moment, then be at each other's throats [the next], because real life is like that," Williams shared. "We carry frustrations and baggage and grudges."
Given the unpredictable nature of Grey's Anatomy, April and Jackson's relationship could head in some different directions. They could finalize their divorce, or start a new life together with their baby.

Will April and Jackson get back together on 'Grey's Anatomy'? [Image via ABC]
Will April and Jackson get back together on 'Grey's Anatomy'? [Image via ABC]Whatever happens, Movie News Guide is reporting that Catherine (Debbie Allen) won't make their lives any easier.

Although Jackson is getting along with Catherine at the moment, she could prevent his reunion with April.

Meanwhile, Meredith's romance with Riggs might kick into high gear in Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy. How will this impact Meredith's relationships with others?

According to Christian Today, Henderson is optimistic about his character's growing intimacy with Meredith.

"I think that's always really powerful between a couple," Henderson explained to TV Line. "[Their connection] may be fertile ground for them to actually have a relationship with some meaning."

Of course, Meredith's future with Riggs is anything but simple.

Last season, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) told Meredith that she was falling for Riggs. Later, fans discovered that Meredith and Riggs were intimate during the season's penultimate episode.

If Meredith and Riggs start a relationship next season, then her relationship with Maggie would certainly suffer. It would also end her chances of getting with Alex (Justin Chambers), which many fans are hoping will happen at some point.

Grey's Anatomy spoilers: Maggie and Meredith both like Nathan Riggs, love triangle coming?
Meredith and Maggie both seem to have feelings for Riggs. [Image via ABC]According to Fashion & Style, Maggie might even blame Alex for encouraging her to date Riggs.

"If it will enable us to do more brother-sister bickering, I certainly hope so because that's one of my favorite things to do is bicker with Justin," McCreary shared in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "It's possible. Look, this is a very, very sensitive situation."

At the end of the day, McCreary admitted that Maggie's ego would take the brunt of the hit.

"More than anything, I think that Maggie's ego will probably be wounded," she stated. "Anybody playing any part in that, Maggie might find herself on the outs with them for a little while."

Whatever ends up happening, Henderson went on to admit that Riggs is a good match for Meredith. After all, he never holds back with her and isn't afraid to voice his opinion.

"Nathan is irreverent and kind of calls Meredith on her s**t, and that might be really good for her, because he doesn't take [things] all that seriously," he stated.

That being said, nothing is written in stone at this point. Meredith's romance with Riggs could enter new territory, or it could just as easily fall apart. Either way, fans can expect plenty of drama to unfold in Meredith's dating life in the new season.

Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy is expected to premiere on ABC this coming fall.

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