‘Alaskan Bush People’ To Lose Cast Member? Why Matt Brown’s Rehab Stint Might See Him Leave Show

The final twist in this season of Alaskan Bush People may have nothing to do with patriarch Billy and son Josh “Bam Bam” Brown heading to jail. Instead, we may find out that oldest son Matt may be leaving behind Browntown and the Alaskan Bush People series in an effort to face his inner demons.

Radar Online recently reported the Alaskan reality TV star had already secretly checked into rehab.

“[E]arlier this month, local sources told Radar that the 33-year-old had secretly checked into rehab.

“Now, three years after his shocking arrest, Matt’s problems were finally addressed on the last episode of the Discovery Channel reality show in a tense confrontation between patriarch Billy and his son.

“In recent weeks, the entire Brown clan has been traveling around the state capital of Juneau — but Matt has been noticeably absent.”

“Judgement Day,” the most recent episode of Alaskan Bush People, seemed to be laying the groundwork for an on-air confession by the troubled “Wolf Pack” member. As previously noted, the confrontation between Billy and Matt seemed out-of-place. The overall tone of the episode was much different from the conversation, and it’s possible the encounter was edited into the actual episode to help make next week’s episode make sense to viewers.

Image via the Discovery Channel
Photo courtesy of the Discovery Channel

More importantly, it’s worth noting that members of the Alaskan Bush People cast were allegedly spotted in Alaska’s capital city, Juneau. If the Browns actually abandoned Browntown, it’s possible they did so to be closer to Matt.

If they are being filmed, it’s possible this may be another situation that works its way into future episodes of Alaskan Bush People. And yet, there’s another possibility: Matt Brown could be leaving Alaskan Bush People – at least for a while – to focus solely on treatment.


It would make sense. If the Alaskan Bush People star is serious about rehab, then having cameras following him around throughout the process could be an unnecessary distraction. It’s also possible that other individuals getting treatment may resent the intrusive cameras, making it difficult to document Brown’s progress.

Then there’s the fact that locals have repeatedly spotted other members of the Brown family, but son Matt was said to be absent. With the Browns known for sticking together (particularly for filming purposes), the eldest son’s absence could form the foundation of a portion of Alaskan Bush People episodes — if his family elects to film without him.

But then, what if Matt decides that getting away from the show and his family is key to his recovery?


We don’t know what caused Matt’s downward spiral, but it’s possible that getting way from ongoing stressors – the Alaskan Bush People series and his family’s legal troubles – may be what he needs to get away from to get better.

That could be very tough as father Billy is rumored to be very controlling. It’s possible this isn’t true despite accusations by mother Ami Brown’s family. We can only hope Matt Brown is instead getting all the help and familial support available.


We’re set to get an on-camera revelation in a couple of days as promos for the next Alaskan Bush People promise to confront the alleged drinking problem head on. There is a curious caveat: We see Billy in the promo. This suggests that the upcoming episode will experience a minor time jump, picking up after he and son Bam serve their sentence.

If true, we’ll no doubt learn that both men were able to serve via electronic monitoring rather than going to jail. We might also find out whether or not Matt’s rehab move was made with the full support of his entire family.

With Alaskan Bush People getting close to wrapping up its fifth season, the Matt storyline could prove to be what forces the Brown family to once again leave Browntown behind. While the situation would certainly be understandable, one can’t help but notice that Alaskan Bush People has established a recurring theme for its show.

At least if Matt indeed decides not to come back to Alaskan Bush People, the void could force a change that alleviates the struggling reality TV show of its redundancy problem. More important, the decision would offer the eldest son the chance to get valuable treatment and then move on with his life.


Do you think there’s a chance Matt Brown will leave Alaskan Bush People for good? Would leaving Alaskan Bush People behind help with recovery? Share your thoughts on this development below!

[Image via the Discovery Channel]