Spice Girls Reunion Confirmed: Victoria Beckham Not Included, Mel C Uncertain Of Return If Posh Spice Bails

spice girls reunion victoria beckham wants out

The Spice Girls reunion tour is happening, Mel B has confirmed.

The America’s Got Talent judge, who appeared on Live with Kelly yesterday morning, didn’t hold back when stressing that a reunion tour has been in the works for several months now. The majority of the group have decided that they want to thank their fans by welcoming them to another tour, which could potentially mean that this one will be their last.

“This is the thing: it’s our 20th anniversary this year – this would be the perfect year,” the singer reveals. “But places get booked out, so what we’re hopefully doing is planning on doing something to celebrate next year.”

Mel says that fans will definitely get another chance to see her and the girls on tour by 2017, while an official announcement regarding the dates will most likely be made by the end of this year. She continues by saying, “It’s something that we want to do and it’d be nice to celebrate and give thanks to all the fans. I’m not getting any younger. Let’s hurry up and get this done.”

News of Mel B confirming a Spice Girls tour comes just one week before the group’s debut single “Wannabe” marks its 20th anniversary. “Wannabe” blew up the charts back in 1996, turning their lives from ordinary girls to superstars in a matter of weeks. The Spice Girls are the most successful girl group of all time, beating out the likes of Destiny’s Child and TLC.

Sources have revealed, however, that there are two people who are not entirely sure if they want to be part of the reunion tour: Victoria Beckham and Mel C. Beckham is said to have been very vocal about her concerns to take on the project of returning to music when she’s so caught with her fashion empire.

The Spice Girls were last seen as a five-piece performing at the Olympics in 2012. [Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images[
The 42-year-old has more or less hinted that she does not want to go on tour with the girls, which has left fellow group member Mel C uncertain of whether she’s willing to go out on stage as a four-piece. Mel C has argued that she doesn’t see the point of the Spice Girls going on tour when there’s one person refusing to join in on the fun.

Victoria has reportedly told friends in the past that she’s no longer the same woman she was ten years ago when the Spice Girls held their previous reunion tour, which ended up being named one of the highest-grossing tours of that year.

She is solely trying to focus on expanding her clothing line, which is already said to be worth close to $300 million. She’s been working with Anna Wintour to become a respectable fashion designer, and reconciling with the Spice Girls will not only limit her time to what she really wants to do but also tarnish the reputation of the person she is aspiring to become.

From what has been reported, a Spice Girls reunion tour is definitely in the works, with the chance of the five-piece recording one final album. However, if Victoria doesn’t give in and agree to take part in the project, Mel C says she won’t return for a comeback either.

So it more or less all comes down to what Victoria wants. A plan is already being discussed, all Mel C, Emma Bunton, and Geri Halliwell are waiting for is the official word from the remaining two girls that they are on board with the anticipated comeback. With that said, Mel B is giving the impression that even if Mel C and Victoria are out, they will still go ahead to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

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