Heavy Metal Isn’t Dead, But It Is A Ghost: Ghost B.C., Quite Possibly The Hardest Rocking Metal Band Of This Century, Announces Tour Dates For ‘Popestar Tour’

Ghost B.C. by Buda Mendes c

Heavy metal music fans have been searching, watching, and waiting for something truly worthy of their refined tastes to emerge. Where is the new thrash, dark, and black metal of the 21st century? Here is a hint.

It’s been like chasing a Ghost to find it.

Heavy metal, blossomed quickly from rock, and it grew. From the 60s right up until 1999 musicians were developing a craft, and building incredible speed metal skills, but then the music world went… not dark. Musicians are searching for a new sound, something unique, complicated, and original to define the new era. However, nothing new is scratching that dark, heavy, black, and evil itch for metal fans — until now.

Ghost B.C. is a truly dark and black metal band but with a new and cohesive sound that may just be what music fans have been waiting for. These guys actually have mad skills. Plus there is a twist — the band prefers to remain autonomous.

Heavy metal music without a face? There are at least presumably faces, but they are always covered, because they are all nameless ghouls. No one knows their true identities because the band isn’t about their personalities, their faces, or even how hot they might look under those masks. It is completely about the music. It’s also about the costumes, the theatrical performance, and the rich vibe that makes satanic heavy black metal so tantalizingly bizarre.

Ghost B.C. is a mysterious and completely 21st-century black metal band. They are the winners of a 2016 Grammy Award, and they actually do heavy death metal some justice in this otherwise vanilla new era.

Ghost, a dark, heavy, and quite possibly satanic metal band of Swedish ghouls, recently announced more tour dates for their “Popestar Tour,” which is set to run from June 30 until November 12, 2016, according to Zumic. Tickets are already on sale in some areas for Ghost’s “Popestar Tour,” according to Blabbermouth.

  • June, 30 – Denmark – Roskilde Festival

Heavy Metal Music dates for Ghost B.C. in July

  • July, 02 – Helsingfors, Finland – Tuska Festival
  • July, 23 – Mexico City, Mexico – Hell and Heaven Festival
  • July, 27 – Clive, IA – 7 Flags Event Center
  • July, 28 – St. Paul, MI – Myth
  • July, 29 – Chicago, IL – Lollapalooza Music Festival
  • July, 30 – Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall
  • July, 31 – Green Bay, WI – The Sandlot Entertainment Complex

Ghost B.C. takes a break from their “Popestar Tour” in August, then continues in mid-September.

  • Sep. 16 – Rochester, NY – The Armory
  • Sep. 19 – Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
  • Sep. 21 – Cleveland, OH – Masonic Auditorium
  • Sep. 23 – Memphis, TN – Minglewood Hall
  • Sep. 27 – Tulsa, OK – Brady Theater
  • Sep. 28 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
  • Sep. 30 – Kansas City, MO – Arvest Bank at Midland Theatre

The Ghost B.C. “Popestar Tour” has October booked solid. The Ghost band will be playing dark, ominous heavy metal music for the darker holiday season.

Ghost B.C. Papa E. by Buda Mendes r
  • Oct. 01 – Madison, WI – Sonic Boom Festival
  • Oct. 02 – Louisville, KY – Louder Than Life
  • Oct. 03 – Detroit, MI – The Fillmore
  • Oct. 04 – Kalamazoo, MI – Kalamazoo State Theatre
  • Oct. 05 – Cedar Rapids, IA – Paramount Theatre
  • Oct. 07 – Denver, CO – Paramount Theatre
  • Oct. 08 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
  • Oct. 09 – Missoula, MT – The Wilma Theatre
  • Oct. 11 – Calgary, AB – MacEwan Hall
  • Oct. 13 – Vancouver, BC – The Vogue Theater
  • Oct. 14 – Seattle, WA – The Moore Theater
  • Oct. 15 – Eugene, OR – McDonald Theater
  • Oct. 16 – Portland, OR – The Rosalind Theater
  • Oct. 18 – Riverside, CA – Riverside Municipal Auditorium
  • Oct. 20 – Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
  • Oct. 21 – Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
  • Oct. 22 – Las Vegas, NV – The Brooklyn Bowl
  • Oct. 25 – Phoenix, AZ – Comerica Theatre
  • Oct. 27 – Lubbock, TX – City Bank Auditorium
  • Oct. 28 – San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theater
  • Oct. 31 – Little Rock, AR – Metroplex

Ghost B.C. will finish up their “Popestar” heavy metal tour in November.

  • Nov. 02 – Orlando, FL – The Hard Rock
  • Nov. 03 – Miami Beach, FL – Fillmore Miami Beach
  • Nov. 04 – Jacksonville, FL – The Florida Theatre
  • Nov. 05 – Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore
  • Nov. 07 – Raleigh, NC – The Ritz
  • Nov. 09 – Toronto, ON – Queen Elizabeth Theatre
  • Nov. 11 – Montreal, QC – Metropolis
  • Nov. 12 – Brooklyn, NY – Kings Theatre

For Ghost tickets, music or merchandise see B.C. Ghost’s official website.

Ghost BC by Kevin Winter r

Heavy metal music is evolving and growing, within this ghoulishly anonymous black metal band. Their lead guitarist told Rolling Stone their reason for being so secretive about their identities.

“The reason for us doing this band the way we chose to do it was so that there would not be any focus on us as individuals, but as we have grown, we understand that there is, anyway.”

Ghost B.C. always calls their lead singer Papa Emeritus, and he is always dressed as a pope with skeletal face paint. There have allegedly been three lead singers (aka “anti-popes”) so far, though it is hard to tell with all the costuming and make-up. They are uniformly named. Papa Emeritus I sang with the group from 2008 until 2012. Papa Emeritus II was with the band from 2012 to 2015, and Papa Emeritus III joined them just last year. The rest of the band are said to be all original members who are known only as nameless ghouls, each with an associated element.

Ghost B.C. by Kevin Winter r

A real heavy metal rocker, the exemplary lead guitar player known as Nameless Ghoul Alpha (aka Fire) seems to be a driving force in the band. Obviously young but vastly experienced, he’s a powerful force. His counterpart, Nameless Ghoul Omega (aka Ether) plays rhythm guitar. Nameless Ghoul Earth is on drums while Nameless Ghoul Water plays base. Nameless Ghoul Wind is on keyboards. All nameless ghouls wear identical masks.

Ghost B.C. is a Swedish heavy metal band with skilled but nameless musicians and a dark and mysterious element.

[Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images]