Harry Styles, Calvin Harris Both Think Taylor Swift Controls The Media, Justin Bieber’s Ex Selena Gomez Interested In Calvin?

Calvin Harris and Harry Styles have a few things in common: both dated Taylor Swift, both write songs and hit the gym regularly, never skipping a leg day, and both have hinted that Taylor Swift manipulates the media, according to Yahoo.

After Taylor and Harry Styles broke up, Styles had a very interesting response to her alleged Grammy Awards performance diss.

Taylor switched to a British accent in the middle of her performance of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” sparking rumors that the line was directed at Harry!

The Independent reported that Swift “put on a fake British accent in an ad-lib section of her hit ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’ in a pretend call to a former lover.”

“Singing star Taylor Swift appeared to mock ex-boyfriend Harry Styles over their break-up as she opened the Grammy Awards ceremony.”

Harry Styles responded to the alleged diss by saying that it was “just another good Taylor Swift performance,” reports TV Guide. Harry seemed to be saying that Taylor has made a career of dissing her exes, and that it’s all part of the Taylor Swift act, so why be surprised about this one!?

Calvin Harris also spoke out recently about his ex’s flair for PR and media management.

Shortly after their relationship dissolved, Harris said that Taylor “controlled the media and this situation.” The Scottish DJ added that Swift was so controlling that he had “no idea what was going on” when the media started reporting on their breakup.

In the messages, Calvin told one fan that Taylor was “controlling” the media’s coverage of their split and that he didn’t know what was going on at first.

Looper previously provided some insights into the shady side of Taylor Swift. The publication notes that Taylor capitalized on her relationships with men like Harry Styles and John Mayer, that she dated barely legal Conor Kennedy, and that her friendships “seem terrifying.” Apparently Taylor is so controlling and PR-minded that the members of her girl squad have to get the all-clear before they are allowed to post anything about Taylor on social media!

Her Friendships Seem Terrifying… any social media postings even mentioning Swift have to be pre-approved by the singer herself. It makes one wonder if she has any control over interviews her famous friends do as well, because it seems like all Gigi Hadid, Martha Hunt, and the rest of the clique do is gush about just how wonderful Swift is. It’s also worth mentioning that it was only after Swift got criticized for having a #squad of nearly all white women that she added Zendaya and Serayah to her group.

Calvin Harris, the most recent man to break up with Taylor Swift, appears to be moving on. Harris was recently photographed surrounded by a bevy of brunette beauties on a yacht in Rome, reports Time.

The DJ expressed his love of brunettes and Latinas when he spoke about what he is looking for in a woman now that he’s single again. Hollywood Life reports that Calvin thinks celebs are “narcissists” and he is looking for a sexy Latina a bit like Sophia Vergara – and preferably one who is not famous!

The Scottish producer “believes celebs are narcissistic” and wants a “normal girl,” a source close to him told TMZ. Yes, you read right — and it doesn’t end there. “He’s very, very clear — sexy Latina…a Sophia Vergara-type who is not famous,” the source revealed of Calvin’s type. Well, this changes everything, especially since his ex is the complete opposite!

Harry Styles previously upset Taylor when he, too, showed some love for brunettes, reports Hollywood Life:

“Taylor hates to hear about Harry being with anyone else. It’s not that she’s still in love with him or anything, but her whole relationship with him was kind of a blow to her ego. He had such a wandering eye and he was such a flirt that she was always on edge. Plus, he always made it clear that he loved exotic women with dark hair and dark eyes, so the fact that he’s dating Kendall Jenner hasn’t exactly made her feel awesome.”

If Calvin Harris is looking for a sexy Latina to date, he may be able to find one in Taylor Swift’s squad, but he will have to drop the “not famous” requirement.

Here’s a love triangle we didn’t expect: Selena Gomez, Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift! A shocking new report reveals that Selena has been thinking about Calvin in a certain way lately!

New reports claim that none other than Taylor’s best friend — and Justin Bieber’s ex — Selena Gomez, is interested in dating Calvin.

“Selena’s told friends she believes she and Calvin would make a perfect match… She always thought Taylor just wasn’t right for him and the breakup confirmed that in her mind. She says she and Calvin would make a better couple…Selena has always had her eye on Calvin.”


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