Abducted By Aliens? UK Man Says It’s True, And He’s Not The Only Local Reporting A Close Encounter [Video]

abducted by aliens

Was a British man abducted by aliens? That’s the claim being made by UK man who says that he was abducted by ETs and taken aboard their alien craft from Teesside to Durham. Even more remarkably, the man who says he was abducted by aliens reported his experience to local police. And he’s not alone. All in all, Cleveland Police in the northern England have recently made public details of multiple emergency calls that they say they received from people who have reported seeing flying saucers and other “otherworldly” activities.

At least one Middlesbrough man says such a flying sauer abducted him and took him to a nearby town.

The man who claimed to have been abducted by aliens was part of a well-documented incident. He had been reported missing, but was found “safe and well.” When he was found, he told law enforcement that he had been abducted by aliens and that he was “on a UFO to Durham” during his mysterious disappearance, reports The Sun.

He was far from the only Teesider to have reported a bizarre, alien-related encounter or occurrence to local law enforcement. A man from Stockton (very nearby) reported to the world that he saw, in complete and utter amazement and shock, while a UFO hovered above him. While he didn’t claim to be abducted by aliens, he said that he observed the UFO for over two minutes as it “pulsated in an irregular manner” above him in the sky.

He said he saw the bizarre and inexplicable sight while sky gazing, reportedly a regular habit.

Another local pair said that they saw a half-dozen UFOs above Lackenby. They also didn’t report being abducted by aliens, but they did say that they got a hold of the RAF, who weren’t interested in such an unbelievable claim. Ultimately, they contacted the Cleveland Police but were told that they’d likely only witnessed lanterns.

Last September, a couple of months before the Middlesbrough man reported that he had been abducted by aliens, a female from Middlesbrough called emergency services to report a hovering UFO. Another woman from Hartlepool reportedly also claimed to be abducted by aliens and “out on a spaceship” at roughly the same time.

Russ Kellett, a UK UFO expert claims to know (or think he knows) the reason for so many recent UFO sightings and reports from people who claim they were abducted by aliens. According to Kellett, the answer lies in the North Sea.

“I found out not so long ago that there is a underwater base in the North Sea. That is why we see them – they are just coming in and out of the sea.”

According to Kellett, while he has no actual proof of people being abducted by aliens, he claims that he does have footage of UFO’s coming out of the North Sea as he alleges.

The ufologist, who specializes in UFO encounters and stories of people who have been abducted by aliens, is currently filming a documentary special with Danny Dyer.

He has publicly claimed that he has investigated the local skies for decades, and in addition to plenty of people claiming to have been locally abducted by aliens, the area is a “hotbed for intergalactic activity.”

While a lot of people who have claimed to have been abducted by aliens appear to be permanently traumatized by the experience, the Middlesbrough man who swears that being abducted by aliens happened to him only alleges that it was a trip to another town.

One other UK local says that he not only saw an alien craft, he recorded video of his alleged UFO encounter, reports Gazette Live.

The man, Andrew Teasdale, posted the video of his alleged alien encounter to YouTube in February.

What do you think? Are reports of people being abducted by aliens in the UK and around the world on the rise? Do you believe that this story of being abducted by aliens is bogus or the real deal?

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