Hillary Clinton Promises 'Affordable' Broadband For All By 2020 -- Will It Be As Ironic As Obamacare?

David Cornell

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has come out to say that if she is elected, there will be "affordable" broadband internet for all by 2020. If that sounds familiar, it's because President Barack Obama did something similar during his campaign, signing the Affordable Care Act into law.

The Affordable Care Act is ironic the way it works, as millions of U.S. citizens have discovered by now. Healthcare is no longer just an option in the United States if you have an income enough to be considered employed for the given year. It isn't mandatory, but this coming year, not having it will net you a hefty fee of at least $600.

Many who were forced to drop their actually affordable health insurance and sign up under Obamacare, as it's currently called, noticed a massive increase in their monthly payments. All but the wealthy are feeling the burn now as there is no actually affordable option now, especially for families.

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Hillary's administration is hopeful that the plan will be a "win win" scenario.

"Hillary understands that investing in high-speed broadband and next-generation wireless is a win-win for jobs: [It] will put people to work in building [up] and upgrading our digital networks, and it will create millions of opportunities for people who can get online more easily, innovative, start companies, and sell their products."

The problem once again is that affordable broadband could end up costing the taxpayers even more. Someone will need to foot the bill for those new cable lines giving more rural areas the option, and it's doubtful that Hillary Clinton will be the only one paying for it.

Hillary Clinton has stated that she will enforce all policies put in place under President Obama and embrace net neutrality.

The question remains: Is affordable broadband internet a Trojan horse for more taxes, just another promise Hillary Clinton won't be able to enforce, or will it actually be affordable as she claims?

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