Josh Hamilton finds drunk photos embarrassing

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has been forced to beg for forgiveness after photographs showing him drunk and disgracing himself made their way online.

Hamilton has a well documented history with drugs and alcohol, but apparently found god and mended his ways back in October 2005. Hamilton returned to form in 2008, being named to the American League All Star team and participating in the Home Run Derby, where he hit a record 28 home runs in the opening round.

The new Josh Hamilton drunk pictures were taken in January this year show Hamilton groping women and having cream licked off his naked torso by the very same naked women. He actually looks like he’s having a lot of fun, except that its probably not the best way to behave in public when you’re married and a star athlete.

Hamilton told the media that “I’m embarrassed about it. For the Rangers, I’m embarrassed about it. For my wife, my kids. It’s one of those things that just reinforces about alcohol. Unfortunately, it happened. It just reinforces to me that if I’m out there getting ready for a season and taking my focus off the most important thing in my recovery, which is my relationship with Christ, it’s amazing how those things creep back in.”

“Honestly, I hate that this happened. But it is what it is. You deal with it. I realized that, obviously, I’m not perfect, in this on-going struggle, battle, that is very real. A lot of people don’t understand how real it is.As soon as it happened, I called my support system — my wife, the Rangers, MLB and told them what had happened. I was absolutely open and honest about it.”