David Cameron A ‘Pig F**er?’ John Oliver Calls Out Former British PM, Others In Rage-Filled ‘Brexit’ Rant

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron is in the doghouse. Following Great Britain’s historic Brexit from the European Union, Cameron and others who argued in favor of Britain leaving the European Union are being called out by TV’s John Oliver. Reports state that Oliver called Cameron a “pig fu**er” and ranted against other proponents of the so-called Brexit as well. Cameron’s opponents had expressed concerns that the U.K. leaving the European Union would weaken not just the trade bloc itself, but could potentially destabilize Britain. Marketwatch elaborates:

…Brexit would “unmoor the fifth-largest defense spender from its allies. Poorer, less secure and disunited, the new EU would be weaker; the West, reliant on the balancing forces of America and Europe, would be enfeebled, too.”

Britain has generally been a friend to the U.S., and their Brexit did in fact affect their western allies. The day the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, NASDAQ and Dow-Jones stock prices dropped dramatically. This could be due to Wall Street’s anticipation of the move and its wide-ranging global effects. In that regard, those who were opposed to Brexit (known as the “Bremain” camp), were actually correct.

In the wake of the historic decision, Prime Minister Cameron will be resigning. John Oliver, who was born in Britain and hosts Last Week Tonight, expressed his mixed feelings about Cameron’s resignation. The Daily Mail found that Oliver likened the PM’s resignation to catching an ice cream cone from mid-air because a child was hit by a car: “I’ll eat it, but it’s tainted somehow.” Oliver expressed concerns that David Cameron’s successor would also have to deal with the Brexit fallout.

David Cameron Pig John Olive British Prime Minister David Cameron at the Council of The European Union in Brussels, Belgium [Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]Who that successor will be is unclear at the moment. Cameron is actually Pro-European Union, but had brought the vote up to cater to a growing atmosphere of anti-EU sentiment in Britain. Vox suggested that Britain’s desire to leave the EU came from causes such as economic turmoil among member states and the Union’s liberal policies on immigration. If you’re down for it, you can view Oliver’s full, four-minute, obscenity-ridden rant below.

It sounds like Oliver isn’t alone in his opinions, either. Statista conducted a survey of citizens in various European countries, and found that Norway was the only country where the majority of those sampled said the U.K. made a good move by leaving. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin also seemed to think Brexit was a good idea, mostly because of the damage to the western economies it’s caused so far.

Oliver’s rant didn’t just stop at insulting David Cameron. The talk show host also faulted former London Mayor and current Parliament member Boris Johnson, likening Johnson’s appearance to an “unshaven orangutan.” Oliver also called Johnson an idiot, presumably because Johnson wanted the Brexit to happen.

John Oliver Calls David Cameron "Pig-F**ker" Boris Johnson arrives at Vote Leave Headquarters [Photo by Mary Turner/AP Images Pool]
The “Leave” vs. “Stay” debate has clearly become very divisive in England especially. Parliament Member Jo Cox, who was Pro-Brexit, was murdered by a gunman who did not share her views. Reports suggested that Cox’s death might slow the momentum the Leave movement had gained, but that clearly wasn’t the case as England eventually voted to leave the EU once and for all.

[Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]