Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, And Tom Hiddleston To Make James Bond Music Together?

Justin Bieber proves once again that there is absolutely no “Bad Blood” between him and Selena Gomez’ BFF Taylor Swift. The Biebs has been caught before singing to Taylor’s “Teardrops On My Guitar.” This time around, Justin Bieber is shown playing “I Knew You Were Trouble” on his guitar, reports MTV.

It’s easy to understand Justin Bieber’s fascination with Taylor Swift’s tracks. Swift is known as a genius at music composition. Translation: Taylor Swift can compose a song in under 30 minutes, according to Musical Exchange.

To put this in proper perspective, the source provides an example. It says that Adele took two days to write “Someone Like You,” Rascal Flatts one day to complete “Banjo,” but it only takes Taylor Swift half an hour or less to finish a song.

There is no data yet on how long it takes Justin Bieber to compose a song, and that is because the artist hasn’t done that yet. At most, what he’s accomplished is co-write his songs, which is not exactly the same as composing a song. For all you know, Justin could have added only one line or a few words to a song, according to a forum at Fan Pop.

However, these facts do not detract from Justin Bieber’s greatness as an artist, because he is a genius at collaboration. And speaking of collaboration, Justin’s first ever teamwork with Taylor Swift actually took place in April 2012 according to Rolling Stone.

The result was Justin Bieber’s third album, Believe, which is not only a testament to Bieber’s collaboration with Taylor Swift but with other artists such as Drake, Kanye West, Timbaland, and Diplo. So in summary, Bieber is more of a collaborator. He basks in the glory of putting multiple talents together to complete his creative work, much like an orchestra conductor does.

Now it’s hard to ascertain which one is better, an orchestra conductor or a music composer? Both have their own value in the craft of music. Justin Bieber may even be called a kind of music alchemist, as every music album that he makes tend to become a big hit. And here’s one interesting trivia about Justin: He can solve Rubik’s Cube in less than two minutes.

So it’s interesting what Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift can come up with when they collaborate for the second time. Both are alchemists who have a track record for turning music into pure gold. The source hasn’t heard yet of any reaction from the TaySwift camp. But at least, The Biebs has made his intention known.

In the meantime, song composition could be the furthest from Taylor Swift’s mind as her brain must be swirling with love right now. Over the past few weeks, since the music artist broke off a 15-month relationship with dance artist Calvin Harris, Taylor has been quite busy jet setting with Tom Hiddleston, her newfound love.

Their whirlwind relationship which quickly developed after June 1 has taken the couple to Rhode Island, Nashville, England, Rome, and Italy on a jet plane — love is in the air. One can only imagine how many blockbuster songs or even music albums can result from all these rose-tinted experiences.


As everyone knows, Taylor Swift has a knack for converting real-life experiences into music. And chances are, Justin Bieber is probably very excited about the possibilities. As Mr. Collaborator, he can probably visualize in his mind the actual results of musical teamwork in high definition, as a foil to Kanye West’s expressed ability to visualize sound in his head.

Expect James Bond material to come out from Taylor Swift’s personal brand of genius. This whole globetrotting romance is literally rivaling a 007 movie. Taylor even reportedly rented a classic Jaguar for Tom after her personal jet plane touched down in the U.K. prior to Brexit. In fact, Taylor Swift could be potentially writing the theme song of the next James Bond movie.

Knowing Taylor, she may be doing some charity work trying to get Tom Hiddleston into the James Bond “boat” since Daniel Craig deftly resisted a return to the franchise. Yes, Taylor Swift spreads the love by doing good deeds with as little publicity as possible or with her left hand not knowing what the right hand is up to. So be prepared to be surprised. The next James Bond theme could be a collaboration between Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. And here’s the coup: Tom Hiddleston plays the piano and the guitar, too, just like Justin and Taylor. Welcome to the family of musicians.


[Photos by Mark Davis and Kevin Winter/Getty Images]