June 28, 2016
'The Elder Scrolls Online' Appearance Change System Utilizes Crowns While Costume Dyeing Is Exclusive To Subscribers

Several new additions and features are coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in the month of August. The upcoming Shadows of the Hist DLC is expected to release adding two new dungeons to the massive RPG, while The Style Parlor and a number of new Crown Store appearance options are also planned to release. Update 11 includes these paid features while also releasing another base game patch filled with fixes, changes, and improvements.

In the official preview for Shadows of the Hist and the upcoming update 11 on the The Elder Scrolls Online website, developers detail the new paid DLC debuting in a matter of weeks. PC players will find Shadows of the Hist and its two dungeons available for purchase on August 1 while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can pick up the DLC on August 16. The dungeon DLC is 1,500 Crowns, and like all DLC it is included in the ESO Plus membership.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Tackle two new four-player dungeons with Shadows of the Hist [Image via Bethesda]Of course, another major addition is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online with Update 11. The Style Parlor will let players customize their characters post-character creation through a few common ways. By spending Crowns in the Crown Store, players can purchase services like an Appearance Change Token, a Race Change Token, or a Name Change.

Like other MMORPGs that offer these services, each change carries a premium cost. In the case of The Elder Scrolls Online that price is yet to be determined. The preview simply states that the tokens can be purchased in the Crown Store. These tokens offer the player a one-time change to their character's appearance, their character's race, or their character's name. For a more permanent way of flexible customization, players can opt to purchase a premium hair style, adornment, or marking for their specific race and gender combination.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Costumes and hats can be dyed with the update [Image via Bethesda]Players will soon find a number of new customization options available for purchase in the Crown Store, as well. By visiting the Appearance category in the Crown Store, players can opt to buy a plethora of new looks that will then be saved in the player's Collections menu for activation or removal at any time. The system is further clarified on The Elder Scrolls Online website.
"Once purchased, you can change your character's hair style, adornments, and markings as often as you like. Simply access your new appearance items in your Collections menu under the Appearance category. They can be used alongside all your existing collectibles—there's even a pack that includes all the existing hair styles (90+ in all!) available for purchase that will allow you to freely change your hair style to anything that is currently available on the character select screen, as often as you like."
Finally, the next update will introduce costume dyeing for the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online. Costumes can be dyed with the dyes unlocked by the player to create customized variants of the costumes available to them. Costumes can be dyed on a per character basis letting players dye a costume one way on their Khajiit and another way on their Breton, for instance. The costume dyeing system is exclusive to the ESO Plus membership. A player must be subscribed to the game in order to dye a costume, but if a subscription lapses the dyed costume will remain. A player will need to subscribe again to select new dyes or dye another costume, of course.

For players that wish to dye a costume without becoming an ESO Plus member, another option is available in the Crown Store. Dye Stamps are included in the Crown Store for players looking to unlock a static combination of colors that might otherwise not be available to them. Dye Stamps are consumable items that are used upon application to a costume. These are useful to players looking to dye their costumes without becoming an ESO Plus member or to those looking to dye their costumes without needing particular colors unlocked.


Update 11 will also include a number of base game changes, as reported by the Inquisitr. Normal and Veteran modes for specific trials, console text chat, Cyrodiil town capture, and other improvements are scheduled to release soon. Looking forward, the release of battle leveling across the entire game is coming soon in the form of One Tamriel. According to Bethesda.net, that update is scheduled to release to The Elder Scrolls Online in the fall.

[Image via Bethesda]