Lana Del Rey’s Unofficial 2016 Tour: Poland Fan Videos Emerge, Mexico Date Added

Did you know Lana Del Rey was in Poland performing on June 3 and has added a concert date in Mexico for October 1?

If you are a fan of Lana Del Rey and want to be a groupie for her tour, you might need to do a little bit of extra research and more traveling because she has several world festival performance dates, but no official stadium/concert tour in 2016.

Of course, Lana Del Rey worked overtime with her last tour, but her fans complained that she was not visiting them outside of America. In many ways, these fans got their wish, and Lana Del Rey penned contracts to perform at many festivals, but only a select few will be in America.

Lana Del Rey has played Poland and will continue her tour until October in Mexico.
Lana Del Rey has finished one date of her unofficial 2016 festival tour in Poland and will be playing until October with a newly added show date in Mexico. (Photo by John Shearer/Invision/AP)

In fact, according to Lana Del Rey’s website, the only places in North America she will only be performing in in 2016 include Montreal, Chicago, San Francisco, and Dana Point, California.

For example, Lana Del Rey is performing at Osheaga in Montreal and headlining at Lollapalooza in Chicago.


Outside of North America, Lana Del Rey fans will get to see her perform in Europe, Central America, and Eastern Europe.

The lucky non-North American places that Lana Del Rey will perform in are Ireland, Monaco, Greece, Russia, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Mexico.

So far, Lana Del Rey has completed one date on her unofficial 2016 world tour in Poland. Twitter was delighted that Lana Del Rey visited Poland, and fans posted footage of her performance at the Orange Festival in Warsaw, Poland, on June 3.

Songs that Lana Del Rey played at Orange Festival in Warsaw included “High By The Beach,” “West Coast,” “Cruel World,” “Blue Jeans,” “Born To Die,” “Serial Killer,” “Ride,” and “Video Games,” according to fans on Twitter.

Although Lana Del Rey’s last performance was less than a year ago, Orange Festival gives fans a sneak peek at the type of music she might play elsewhere.

On June 14, Lana Del Rey added yet another concert date when she made an announcement on Instagram that she will be playing the Monterrey Live Out in Mexico on October 1.

While it is clear that Lana Del Rey has been giving her non-American fans what they want, is there an official tour on the way?


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lana Del Rey has been working on new music, and some fans on Twitter see this as a sign that she will be announcing a tour soon after her next album is released.

For example, LDR4 writes on Twitter on June 27 “If everything goes as planned Lana Del Rey will most certainly do a world tour for her anticipated upcoming album!”

On Twitter, fans from the U.K. seem to be particularly remiss about the lack of Lana Del Rey touring in their lives, and some fans add a touch of humor to their disappointment.

Lana Del Rey has been working on new music and might have a tour after she finishes it
Lana Del Rey is allegedly working on new music, and may announce a to her after she releases it.(Credit: Diego Corredor/ MediaPunch/ IPX)

For instance, on June 3, a fan laments on Twitter “is it in Lana Del Rey’s contract to never tour the U.K.?” and on June 8 a U.K. Lana Del Rey fan states the following.

“[A]ll Lana Del Rey’s hacker needed to do was act real casual and announce a U.K. tour… Then we would’ve known something fishy was up.”

It goes without saying that Lana Del Rey fans in America are also ready for her to tour again as soon as possible. Fans in Brazil are also frequently tweeting about Lana Del Rey needing to visit their country again.

One other interesting tangent forming in lieu of a Lana Del Rey tour has been the “dream tour” her fans fantasize about. For example, one fan writes on June 13 that Lana Del Rey should tour with Zella Day and others have suggested The 1975.

[Picture by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]