Verizon CEO: Samsung Could Win Big With Its Own Mobile OS

The Samsung Galaxy S III has sold more than 20 million units, and, if Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam is right, the company could be just as successful without the Google Android mobile OS.

During a conference on Friday, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam called Samsung “a potential elephant in the room.” He further said the company could use its high installation rate for devices across a range of consumer and household goods to create a massively successful mobile OS. McAdam believes that Samsung OS could ultimately compete with Apple, Google, Blackberry, Microsoft, and other mobile OS makers.

McAdam’s then went one step further calling Samsung the “black horse” of the wireless market.

Samsung is certainly no stranger to mobile OS development, although its “Bada” OS has never proven to be a threat to smartphone products created by Google. In fact, the company’s biggest recent successes have all been thanks to the Google Android OS, which powers the company’s entire line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

Samsung has certainly showed its desire to work with various platforms, providing Windows Phone devices in certain markets, albeit with little success.

McAdam did not specifically call out Samsung’s Tizen OS, which was created with the help of Intel workers. Tinzen has been called a “scaleable” OS that can work as well on a smart appliance as it does on a television or computer. Tizen has the ability to scare Google based on its ability to run apps built for Google Android, a fact that should be troubling for Google, which has leveraged Samsung devices for much of its success.

Would you stick with Samsung devices if the company created a worthwhile mobile OS or does Google Android have you hooked?