'Fire Ship' UFO Fleet Filmed Over Buffalo In New York Sparks Debate -- Conspiracy Theorists Say They Were Alien Crafts, But Skeptics Say, Rare 'Ball Lightning' Phenomenon [Video]

Footage showing mysterious "fireballs" floating in the sky during a thunderstorm in Buffalo, New York, has sparked a debate between UFO believers and non-believers.

According to UFO hunters, the strange "burning" aerial objects were alien crafts observing thunderstorm phenomenon in Earth's atmosphere and possibly harvesting energy from the lightning. But non-believers and skeptics dismissed the UFO speculation as absurd, insisting that the weird-looking "fireballs" were more likely rare "ball lightning" phenomena.

Eerie footage showing strange "fiery" objects flying across the night sky and disappearing mysteriously as thunderstorm raged was first uploaded online on June 22, 2016 by a French-language YouTube channel, Ovnipresent.

A copy of the footage, sent to UFO hunters Secureteam10, and uploaded online on June 23, 2016, has gone viral with more than 100,000 views.

According to Secureteam10 narrator Tyler Glockner, in the video titled, "They are Back! 'Fire Ship' UFOs Seen On Earth And From Space," the footage shows a fleet of mysterious "burning" UFOs floating across the night sky during a storm in Buffalo in Erie County, Western New York.

The amazed woman filming the "burning" aerial objects, identified as Patricia, can be heard commenting on the strange sights. She wonders aloud what the objects could be and then asks for her partner's opinion.

"What is that? It looks like something on fire, like a fire balloon."
"It just came out of nowhere, honey," Patricia says in awe.

"What is that? It looks like something on fire, like a fire balloon," she continues. "See how it stops and then speeds up; do you see the pattern?"

She wonders aloud whether the objects were on fire.

"It's the storm, there's something pulling them out in the storm," she suggests after filming the strange objects for some time.

Some viewers criticized the woman's lengthy commentary. But others defended her, saying she couldn't stop talking because she was scared.

"The man has a lot of patience to deal with a woman like that... made me mute the video," one viewer commented.

"She is scared guys," a viewers responded. "Sometimes when people get scared they talk a lot."

"She is just excited and probably nervous," another viewer commented. "He apparently told her it was a weather balloon and is angry that she is challenging his lack of knowledge, some guys are insecure like that."

The mystery of the nature of the fiery orbs sparked a debate, with Secureteam10 viewers offering diverse suggestions.

Secureteam10 appeared convinced they were extraterrestrial crafts. He linked the sighting to similar "fire ship" UFOs allegedly spotted from the International Space Station (ISS) floating over thunderstorms on Earth.

While UFO enthusiasts argued that they were alien crafts observing and studying atmospheric thunderstorm phenomenon, some skeptics insisted they were probably Chinese lanterns or weathers balloons burning after being struck by lightning.

But other skeptical viewers said the footage likely shows an occurrence of the rare and mysterious "ball lightning" phenomenon.

According to scientists, witnesses have often described ball lighting as strange luminous orb-shaped objects that range in size from a few inches to a few meters in diameter. They are usually observed during storms and have been described as radiating sparks and flying erratically in the air. They are usually silent but sometimes they make hissing, buzzing and fluttering sounds.

"If it was during a thunderstorm it might be ball lightning, a natural unexplained phenomenon.

"I'm sure it was a really old, bad camera making the flashes. I'd also bet the UFOs were Chinese lanterns. (Remember them?)."

Ball lightning show eerie, ghostlike properties, such as floating through walls, wood, and metal, like ghostly apparitions. They have appeared in cabins of airplanes, out of nowhere.

While most witnesses report that the balls dissipate gradually after appearing, some witness accounts describe the mysterious balls exploding loudly, leaving an unpleasant odor and sometimes causing damage and injury to people in the vicinity.

Damage due to ball lightning is caused by the direct effect of high-power microwaves, according to experts.

The nature of the phenomenon remains a mystery to scientists who have proposed several theories to explain them.

The latest theory suggests that ball lightning is formed when a lightning strike generates a "plasma bubble."

According to researchers, a "spherical plasma bubble" could be formed when a " lightning bolt reaches the ground and accelerates electrons rapidly close to the speed of light, and causing the release of intense microwave radiation that charges the air."

This is not the first time that "fiery balls" appearing in the sky in the midst of thunderstorms have sparked a debate between UFO believers and non-believers.

Footage first uploaded to Reddit in January, 2016, purportedly showing a strange bright orb UFO in the sky during a thunderstorm over Canberra in Australia, sparked controversy after UFO enthusiasts accused meteorologists of attempting to cover up an incident of UFO sighting by claiming the strange phenomenon was a ball lightning.

Some UFOlogists speculated fancifully that the clip probably showed a UFO exiting an inter-dimensional portal. UFO enthusiasts pointed out that the light showed characteristics that clearly distinguish it from the ball lightning phenomenon (see footage above).
The debate was eventually resolved when John Thompson, the YouTube user who uploaded the video, admitted it was a CGI hoax and uploaded online video showing how he created the visual effect (see video above).

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